Chapter Sixteen

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When her phone off went off only six hours later, Meredith considered not getting out bed. Her face wasn't the only thing that hurt, but rather her whole body hurt. Computer science was the last thing that she wanted to be doing right now. Actually, no, moving was the last thing that she wanted to be doing right now. Wait, no, looking into a mirror was the last thing that she wanted to be doing right now.

Being the good student that she was, Meredith rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom. In the bathroom, she avoided looking into a mirror. It was terribly difficult, but Meredith didn't want to see the damage until she was back in her room.

Once back in her room, Meredith looked into the mirror and almost let out a scream. The swelling had definitely gone down, but already the black and blue was coming in. Meredith had skills at makeup, but she wasn't this talented. As well as her actual eye was completely blood red as if most of the blood vessels had burst. There wasn't a contact going in.

Finally leaving her room, Meredith couldn't help the angry look that was on her face. The paparazzi only stayed away for a second, when one bold paparazzi stepped forward, getting in Meredith's face. She immediately swung her vision around to him so that he could get a full look at the eye and so that he could see the full fury in her.

"It looks like you've got enemies," said a paparazzo.

"Then I'm doing something right," Meredith responded.

"You have a powerful enemy."

Meredith didn't bite. The paparazzo knew something she didn't, but she was smarter than to give it away. "Then I'm important and I'm really doing something right." She walked away as the best she could, but she stumbled a bit. Her vision was off with the black eye.

"He's powerful," the paparazzo called. "He could get even more powerful in a week or so, and you probably are going to want to be on his good side."

Turning back, she faced the paparazzi with ease. Her stance made her look relaxed, and she smirked at them as if them was talking was only a minor inconvenience. On the inside, Meredith's heart sprinted a hundred miles an hour. Panic made her stop. But she didn't show it. Meredith had an idea who the enemy might be, and she had been waiting. Meredith didn't stop writing when she felt threatened, but apparently, she was famous enough to be noticed by him. To be honest, she was surprised it took him this long.

"I think I'm famous enough right now so that if I died, someone might look into it," Meredith offered. "Also, I can think that I'm famous enough so that it wouldn't be considered murder but an assassination."

"You think very highly of yourself."

"One has to when they're constantly followed by people yelling terribly rude things." Meredith smiled and walked away. "Have a nice day." When she reached the union, Meredith glanced back. Once again, they hadn't moved from that spot.

Pulling out her phone, Meredith did something she wanted to supposed to do: google herself. Her name came up with her new enemy next to her. There was a chance that he could be in a great deal of power in a few days, but Meredith had hope in the American people. Apparently Donald Trump didn't like the article Meredith wrote about him being a secret Twilight fan. Twilight was a national treasure, so she didn't understand why he was so angry about the article. Slipping the phone back into her pocket, Meredith smiled as she walked to class.

With a bruise on her face and perhaps a concussion, Meredith was happy. She even got the media coverage she wanted, and though Prince Harry put her in this situation, she was happy to have all eyes on her. This was her work that was being shown off. Though it wasn't her best work, someone might notice.

On the way back to class, Meredith watched the paparazzi hover over themselves, cameras ready to take a picture. She gave a sarcastic smile and the cameras clicked. At least the cameras were finally being used properly for news. She watched the cameras carefully before going back into the dormitory.

When Harry called at three in the afternoon, Meredith smiled like a fool. "You shouldn't be enjoying this," he said. "You're playing with fire, and you're going to get burned."

"I'm not scared--"

"Yes, I know, Mere."

Her smile slid from her face.

"Sorry, but, Mere--"

"Don't. Ruin. This. For. Me."

Harry sighed and wiped his face.

"It's an article, among many that others write and that I write. God forbid he becomes president, but at least I'll be able to write pretty easily for the next four years, or shorter, depending on how long he lasts." Meredith pulled back her shoulders. "You have to realize, Harry, I need a backup plan in case we don't work on. I love you, but shits happens every day. I need to be able to take care of myself. This is how I'll do it."

"You didn't have many readers before?"

"Rude but true. I have readers now, and hopefully, they enjoy the work I do." That was all Meredith could hope for. "I have many choice words for him and for others. These are tame."

"I know, I've heard you say them aloud."

Harry pursed his lips.

"Okay, well, did you like my article? Did you even read it?" she asked. "I feel as if you're trying to control me, but you're on the other side of the world. You can't do anything. And you're not going to succeed. I know who I am. I know what I am writing. Words have power. Let us show him that." Meredith watched him, eyes burning. "Do you understand, Harry?"

"I do." Harry signed again. "I love you, and I want to protect you."

"I love you. Thank you, but I can do this. Let me do it."

"Mere, be careful. You're entering a new world."

"The world is going to burn anyway, I might as well make some s'mores."

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