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"Hey Mark do we have everything set for next week?" I yell to my fiance. "Everything but slow dance." Mark replied walking into the lounge. "Mark you couldn't have told me that last week. It takes awhile to learn." "Sorry but who can teach us." I think of all the possibilities. "I have one friend." I reply. I head out of the lounge and into the backyard.


"Hey Y/N its me Amy!"

"Oh sorry hey! My phones been acting up and doesn't show a name when calling."

"Its fine but do you still own that dance studio?"

"Yes why?"

"And you know how Mark and I are getting married next week?"

"Yes I got an invitation."

"Well we forgot about the dance."

"I think I can teach you in a week. Come over in ten?"

"Okay be there soon."

I end the call and walk back inside. "Boys get up were going." I say. "What where?" Mark questions. "To learn to slow dance." "Then why do I have to go?" Ethan questions. "Because I said so and also because she'll need someone to dance with." Ethan sighs but we all get up and head over to the studio.


Today was just storage day so no one was at the studio. "I still have to make that routine." I think out loud. I head into the studio and start to try something.

"Its been awhile since I've seen you do that." I turn around to see Amy and Mark along with another boy. The two boys were shocked but Amy seemed amused.

"Mark it is nice to meet you finally." I say to him. I turn to the other boy. "And I don't believe we know each other. I'm Y/N, Amy's oldest friend." Amy let out a laugh. "You at have been my friend for  long time but you are not old." "Shut up." I say. "How old are you if I may ask?" Mark asks me. "I'm nineteen." Both boy give me a questioning look. "Then how do you own a dance studio?" The blue boy questioned. "My mom used to own the studio before she passed leaving me to own it at seventeen." I explain to the boys.

I realized I didn't learn the blue haired boys name. "Oh sorry I didn't learn your name." I asked him. "Its Ethan." "Well Ethan, Mark, Amy its time to start." I clap my hands together. "Now do you want it to be the high school kind of style or more proper?" I ask. "How about we learn both and decided which we like better." Amy replies. "Okay then let's start with the first one which is the easiest." I move further out in the studio.

"Okay Mark so place your hands on Amy's hips and Amy place your arms around Mark's neck." They nod and do so. "Now its simple. You shift your weight from foot to foot. Not that complicated." I gesture for Ethan to comes towards me. "Here I'll show you."

Ethan puts his hands on my hips and I throw my arms around his neck. We start. I glance over at them and they seem to get it. "Okay now let's gets more difficult." I say drooping hands along with Ethan's.

I stand in the front. "Now you can learn the foot work without a partner." I explain.  "Now with your left foot you are going to take a small step to the left." I do so and look in the mirror at them. "Now with your right foot you step back the same distance as before." Again they all do it. "Now again with your right foot step to the right." They follow along easily. "Okay and to finish one sequence off you take your right foot and step forward." I turn around and see them doing it. "Now you doing that multiple times and your direction changes based on whose leading. The person leading will have there first step be back while the others first step will be forward." I explain and they all nod. "Now try with a partner."

Mark and Amy start while I head over to Ethan. We start Ethan leading. I flash a little smile at him. He smiles back.

"You guys should be good! Can't wait for the wedding." I smile at Mark and Amy. "Thanks again for doing it on such short notice." Amy apologizes. "Its fine. Its storage day today and tomorrow. I'm just boxing this and fixing things along with making rountines." I explain. "Wait so when you were doing that earlier that was a routine?" Mark asked. "Yep for some fifthteen year olds competition." "A fifthteen year old can do two cart wheel into a round off leading into two back handsprings finishing with a backflip?" Marl explains the whole routine. "Yep. They are quite impressive. Amy I'll let you guys get going. I'm just going to close for the day since its almost nine." They nod and we all wave goodbye. I lean up against the counter.

"At least Amy has people who like her."

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