Chapter 1

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This is based after the campfire happened and Lucas kissed maya and confessed his love for her and she did as well they were ready to be happy but they needed the approval of her best friend.
Maya's POV
She thought it was the only thing she could do because she couldn't keep this secret anymore from her best friend and she knew that the boy she liked felt the same way. "Riley something happened between me and Lucas". Her best friend didn't have the reaction she thought she would have but then again what was she thinking her reaction would be.
Riley's POV
When Maya said those words I didn't know what to think so all I did was walk out of the classroom door all I thought was how can my best friend betray me with the boy I have liked since the first moment I laid eyes on him.
After class
Maya's POV
The first thing I thought of was to go find Riley because I felt so guilty for what I have done. When I finally found her she was sitting in the corner crying her eyes out that he makeup was running down her face. " Peaches I know that you are mad at me and I feel really bad because of that but you have to understand that Lucas makes me feel something that I can't explain"
Riley's POV
When I saw maya come towards me I was so mad that words just started coming out of my mouth "Maya I know that you feel those things with Lucas because I feel
those things too but what you feel is just a crush Lucas can never feel those things for you because all he cares about is me and we have something that is amazing. Maya what you did can never be forgiven but I will forgive you if you break up with him."
Maya's POV
When those words came out of her mouth I couldn't believe it but she was my best friend and I couldn't betray her like that. "I will break up with him for you because you are my best friend that nobody can replace." As I was saying that I held tears coming out of my eyes. " Come on Riley let's get you cleaned up okay." After that we went to the bathroom and cleaned up her face then walked home together had always. When I dropped her off there was one thing on my mind it was Lucas and how was I going to tell him that I can't be with him. As I got home I was going to call him but I couldn't do it over the phone I decided that I had to do it face to face.
Hi this is my first book and chapter so excuse my writing because I suck at writing. So I hoped you liked and and I don't post often but I will do the best I can do bye.

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