"Chloe Elizabeth Lyra Marie Taylor! Get down here right now!" The shrill voice of my mother called. I've always hated how my parents named me after all my relatives. Sleepily, I crawl out of my bed and trudge down the long spiraling stairs.

In the kitchen my mother, Lyra Taylor, was reading the Daily Prophet while Pixie was making breakfast.

"Do you know what today is, Chloe?" My mother asks as I sit down and take a bite of my baken. I nod grimmly. Today was the day I join my 'blood traitor' of a cousin at a real school. My parents have been homeschooling me as they thought I wouldn't fit in. You see, I'm just like my cousin Sirius and that is the reason I've been hidden for fourteen years. Because I'm different.

None of my family know about me, except my parents. They didn't want to disown me because I am supposed to betroth Sirius Orion Black, which is discusting! But I have a feeling that's not going to happen. "Chloe! Are you even listening! What did I just say?" My mum yells at me.

"You were saying how I have to go to Hogwarts today and marry Sirius at his own will because I'm so maddly in love with him!" I answer sarcastically. She glares at me and stands from her spot.

"Come on Chloe. You will side apparate with me. Your father can not come as he is attending The Black Manor as we speak."

"Discussing wedding flowers, perhaps?" I ask with a false innocense on my  face. "You know I've always loved Lilies. Just let me go get dressed" My mother huffs.

After dressing in my parents' idea of 'appropriate clothes' I walk down stairs again and my mum grabs my arm quite harshly. I feel my stomach lurch and my head spinning until we land on platform 9 and 3/4. No one seems to notice my mother and I as they are far too busy getting on the train.

"Now remember Chloe, once you find Sirius Black you must tell him everything we discussed. Your Aunt and Uncle and I do not want to have to owl him to speak of your existence. Do you understand me?" I nod and look to the ground so I don't make a sarcastic remark. "Go now. You don't want to be late!" I run off and onto the train which was a bit harder then expected considering I'm wearing these dreadful clothes that go to my ancles.

After a minute or two I find a bathroom and change into my much prefered clothes.

Roaming the train for an empty compartment, I couldn't find any, but I did see someone who looks exactly like a picture of Sirius black

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Roaming the train for an empty compartment, I couldn't find any, but I did see someone who looks exactly like a picture of Sirius black. Oh Merlin, I have to hide before he sees me! Before I can fully run away he grabs my left arm.

"Andromeda? Did you dye your hair?" I slowly spin on my heel and put on a confused look.

"I'm sorry, who? You must have the wrong person. I'm Chloe Taylor. I just moved here from-uh I...from... You know that place with the french people. Yeah that one. Ok bye" I try to awkwardly get out of his grip but his grip tightens. I just want to go. "Can you please let go I need to find an empty compartment" I say trying to act shy.

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