What did you do? (Edward Nygma)

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You noticed that Ed has been acting different so you want to find out what Ed has done. 

You worked as an apprentice to Dr

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You worked as an apprentice to Dr. Lee Thompkins but you worked closer with Ed. Ed you had noticed was acting much stranger then usual. When he though that no one was around he would get mad at himself and talk out loud to himself. Almost like he had been in a conversation with himself. You hadn't had time to talk with Ed about what was going on. So that night you decided to visit Ed.

You knocked on Ed's door. When he didn't answered you tried just opening the door. It was open which was strange for Ed. Then you saw something you didn't know how to respond to. Ed was on the floor holding that Bitch Kristen Kringle. You hated Kristen and you never understood what Ed saw in her. Kristen didn't love Ed like you did. Kristen was  not moving or breathing. Ed was crying slightly. 

Ed hadn't notice that you were here yet. "Ed what happened?" You asked stuttering the sentence.  You had a feeling you knew what happened but you didn't want to admit it. "Did you kill Miss Kringle, Ed?"

He sat there shaking his head. "She was going to run to the police for what I did. I couldn't let her," Ed whispered. You almost didn't hear what he said. "Please don't go to the police Miss Y/N."

"Ed why was she going to go to the police?" You didn't think Ed was capable of doing anything that needed to get police involved with.

"Remember Officer Dougherty," Ed didn't need to say anything else. You knew what Ed had done, he never told you but with what just happened you knew. You just hopped it wasn't true.

"Ed please tell me you didn't kill both of these people." Your hand was reaching for the door not wanting to be here anymore. Not wanting to be caught in the middle of this. Ed was still cradling Kristen. The opportunity to leave was there. You turned around to open the door. Right as you were opening the door the door was slammed shut. You were turned around and there was Ed but with a dark omen around him.

"You can't leave Y/N. You know to much to leave." It was Ed who said it but it wasn't him in a sense. Something was wrong with Ed. Ed pushed you against the door and placed one hand over your mouth. "Now Y/N I don't want to kill I unlike Ed love you Y/N. So I won't kill you but I won't let you leave."

 What happened next was a blur all you know was that one moment you were looking up at Ed then next waking up on Ed's bed with pain on the side of your head. You hadn't opened your eyes yet. 'What was goin on,' you thought. Everything was kind of fuzzy.  You groaned in pain when you tired to open your eyes.

"Hello sleepyhead." You knew it was Ed but it wasn't the Ed you loved. Ed was on the edge of the bed next to you.

 Ed was on the edge of the bed next to you

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You shot up immediately. You remembered what happened. "Y..Your a," out of fear you couldn't form words.

"Yes my sweat Y/N I am a killer but something about you makes me not want to kill you," Ed said. He stood up from the bed and circled it. "See Y/N I love everything about and so does Ed but that Kristen got in the way. Now she's gone and your here."       

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