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Hyemi P.O.V

I was out of breath and turned back to look at Yoongi who was catching up to me really fast making me panic. Suddenly I twisted my ankle and tripped on a rock causing me to almost fall on my face but I was saved... yet again.

Yoongi's arm was around me in an instant as he blocked my fall and saved me from breaking my nose. However I had already twisted my ankle which made me scream and lean on to him. He stood me up and checked what was wrong while I tried to sit down to hold my ankle. 'There goes my chance of escaping' I thought as I hissed in pain.

"You clumsy girl" Yoongi mumbled as he bend down to help me. I ignored him and stood up to start limping away from him. Yoongi rolled his eyes and came up beside me, walking at my pace with an amused smirk on his face.

"Why do you even want me? I'm ugly" I complained more to myself staring at the front. He stopped me with a hand on my stomach and made me look at him.

"You're the most beautiful girl I've seen on earth" He said seriously causing me to blush bright red.

"Go away" I grumbled at looked at the other side still trying to limp away from him. This seemed to snap Yoongi back to his senses as he realized that I had run away and growled angrily. He grabbed my waist in an instant and put me on top of his shoulder.

"Let me go!" I yelled with tears in my eyes as I struggled to escape his tight hold. How cliché! I'm always trying to 'escape' him.

"Shut up little lady. You deserve to be punished" He said with a low and angry tone causing me to shut up. He seemed really angry and I knew he was going to do something bad to me. 'Maybe I can go to Namjoon' I thought and heard Yoongi growl as he tightened his grip... if that was possible.

"Ow! Yoongi you're hurting me" I whispered with tears in my eyes. Maybe if I apologize, he'll let me go! But then again I won't stoop that low when he's the one who should apologize. Yoongi ignored my comment and walked back home.

He entered the mansion and I saw everyone sitting in the living room looking at us worried. I took this chance to shout out "Let me go! I don't want you to rape me! I'm too young!". Hara was giving me a pitied look and Mijoo and Jimin were nowhere to be found.

"You're 18 and of legal age" Yoongi said and I gasped.

"So you're actually raping me?!" I shouted as he took me towards the stairs. My legs and arms started hitting him trying desperately to get away. I searched for Namjoon but he wasn't here and everyone went back to watching TV. 'Wow! They just abandoned me... such great people' I thought to myself as tears flowed down my cheeks. 'Where's Mijoo? I hope Jimin doesn't hurt her or I'll kill him'

Yoongi opened the door to his room and threw me on the bed so he could lock the door. I quickly got up and tried opening the window to escape but was held back by the blackhead. "Shh. You should stop now little lady" He said in a husky voice and my eyes widened. I backed away but of course he grabbed me and put me on the bed only to get on top of me.

He put his weight on his knees as he leaned down towards my mouth while holding my arms above my head with one hand. I tried moving my head to prevent him from kissing me but he caught on and held my face in place with his free hand.

"Please!" I cried out "Don't do it Yoongi"

He chuckled and leaned down to kiss me, slamming his lips on mine harshly. I felt a flutter in my heart like last time and froze up. He kissed my passionately causing me to kiss him back sub-consciously. I felt him smirk as he licked my lips with his tongue to ask for entrance. Of course I kept my lips sealed which caused him to bite my lip with his unusually sharp teeth. I gasped in surprise and he took the chance for his tongue to enter my mouth. He explored my mouth with his tongue while I just let him do whatever as tears spilled down my eyes.

He pulled away and gasped for air as I did the same. Yoongi smiled at me but I only glared at him stubbornly. 'I can't believe I kissed him back' I thought and he smirked. Yep he can totally read minds. And what is with those overly sharp teeth?

Yoongi went back to kissing me again until I finally gave up and kissed him back fully. He pulled away and kissed my cheek, my ear and jawline all the way down to my neck and shoulder. I was terrified and didn't know what he was doing but still if felt good. My stomach was in a frenzy, as if loads of butterflies had been let loose.

He kissed a spot on my neck causing me to gasp and hold back a moan. "Found it" He mumbled and licked the spot. He kissed it again and gently sucked on it with his lips as if he was preparing it.

"D-don't" I whispered in a weak voice. Yoongi pulled away and stared at me. I stared back into his raven orbs with pleading eyes but he only smirked. I saw his teeth turn into sharp fangs and gasped again. "What...are you?" I asked just when he leaned back down and bit on the spot. He literally penetrated it like a vampire and I screamed in pain.

The tears that were leaking from my eyes flowed down faster and I wriggled just so he could take his teeth out. The moment seemed to last forever as I cried in agony. What did I do to deserve this? Why did he have to take me? Why did I even walk alone that night? All types of questions seemed to go through my mind as I thought of what my life had become.

He finally took his teeth out and licked on the wound. He licked away the blood and sucked on it for a bit then fully pulled away finishing with a slight peck.

"I'm your soulmate" He said as he brought his thumb to my face and wiped my tears away. His eyes were concerned and he seemed to be regretting what he had done. I closed my eyes because I didn't want to see his face.

He pecked me on the lips again and lay beside me stroking my hair. I was extremely tired and had given up so I decided to fall asleep. He hugged me by grabbing my waist and laid my head on his shoulder.

Just before I was about to fall asleep, Yoongi mumbled something I couldn't hear.

"...I'm sorry..."

Cover made by CharlottesCookie because she's awesome <3

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Cover made by CharlottesCookie because she's awesome <3

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