Calm The Fire: 13

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Náriel pointed to the scene in front of them then to him. “Why did you not bring me up here first?”

“I tried, remember? I tried, then you ran off.”


“Does it honestly matter? You're here now.” Thorin stated and reached up to put his hands against the stone too.

“May I ask you something?”


“Where did this idea of yours come from?” Náriel asked while looking to the busy streets below them.

Thorin sighed, “You seem one for views.” Was his simple answer, she laughed quietly and nodded. She couldn't disagree really. So far the views from Erebor and from this watchtower were so vastly different to the woodland scenes she was used to back in Mirkwood.

“This is amazing.” Náriel said while tapping the stone. Everyone seemed to content with their everyday chores that they didn't cast a look up at the watchtower and the two people who happened to be partially spying on them.

“Dale is a peaceful city.” Thorin nodded slowly. “Prosperous too.”

Náriel nodded over his words. Looking up at him she smiled slowly. “I think your idea to come here was brilliant. I apologise again for running off. But I also want to thank you for bringing me here.” Tiptoeing she kissed him on the cheek. Standing normally again, she looked to the sky. She let out a worried noise. “Rain,” she pointed to the mass of oncoming grey clouds.

“Hm, we should go then.” Thorin put a hand on her shoulder and guided her back to the staircase.

“Ah!” Náriel exclaimed as she was gently barged into by playing children once they exited the watchtower.

Thorin peered out of the watchtower's doorway, rolling his eyes he stepped down. Reaching down he picked one of the children up. The girl laughed and squirmed in his arms. “Why Dis, what brings you to Dale this fine day?”

“Thorin!” The girl continued to wriggle until she was placed back down.

“Where's Frerin?” Thorin asked while crossing his arms, he was seemingly trying to pull off the stern concerned big brother act, but it wasn't working. He was to busy smiling down at his younger sister to be in a serious mood.

“I don't know,” was the simple reply he got. Dis ran a hand through her ebony hair and pouted to the side. “I'm not meant to be watching him.”

“It's meant to be the other way round. That's why I asked because you probably gave him the slip.” Thorin stated. “What game were you playing?” He asked curiously.

Dis looked around then up at him. “Catch.”

“Who was it?”


Thorin smiled and looked to Náriel, “Hence why you do not know where he is.” Náriel looked from the two then to the street where a boy in his teens was slowly approaching them. He placed a finger to his lips as he crept closer. When near enough he jumped and easily clamped his hands lightly on her shoulders. This caused her to let out a startled squeal and jump.

“Frerin!” Dis exclaimed seemingly annoyed by her brother suddenly appearing.

“Well, in an inadvertent way you found Frerin, Dis.” Thorin said. “By not sticking to the game rules, you found him.” He explained in simpler terms when Dis just eyed him oddly.

“I would have caught her regardless if she stopped to talk or not.” Frerin said. “She's not the fastest runner.” He whispered lowly, childishly mocking his sister.

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