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3rd person P.O.V

Hyemi spent the rest of the day avoiding Yoongi. She tried to figure out a plan to escape while they sat in the living room using their phones or watching TV. Apparently the boys had a free day today and were planning to rest at home, which bothered Hyemi a little because Yoongi was still here which meant he kept annoying her with his smirks.

She got up and tried walking towards the main door as casually as possible but Jungkook was in front of her in an instant. He was giving her a sad smile and said "You know I can't let you leave"

Hyemi smiled back at him and shrugged him off when Yoongi decided to enter the scene. As soon as she felt him stand behind her she ran away to the kitchen where Hara sat eating a cucumber with some mustard. She waved at her and sat down on the table with the glass of water in her hand to give Hara some company.

"How long are you?" Hyemi asked out of curiosity.

"About 3 weeks" She replied with a smile "I can already see a bump" Hara touched her stomach gently. Soon her smile faltered and she gave Hyemi a pitied look. "listen, I'm here if you need me. In case Yoongi gets too harsh" The soon-to-be-mother patted her hand while Hyemi nodded her head.

"Did Jin do the same to you? Because he doesn't look like he'd do it" Hyemi asked.

"No!" Hara chuckled at her innocence "I'm one of them so he didn't need to. I just left my home and started living with him and now we're married and about to become parents" She said happily. 'One of them' Hyemi thought. Soon Mijoo stepped in the kitchen in search for her friend.

"Where is everyone?" She asked Hara as she took Hyemi's glass of water and drank from it because she couldn't be bothered to get one for herself.

"They're probably gone outside to train" Hara said giggling as Hyemi slapped Mijoo's arm and glared at her.

"Train?" the word caught her attention as Hyemi stared at Hara with wide eyes. "What are they training for?" She asked pretending to be surprised when in reality her mind was thinking all sorts of plans to escape. 'This is our chance' she thought and with Mijoo standing beside her everything was ready. Hara seemed to know what was going on but decided to ignore Hyemi's thoughts because she knew what was going to happen.

"Yeah, they're training in the backyard" Hara spoke hesitantly. 'Hyemi wants to escape because Yoongi isn't treating her well and if she wants to leave then who am I to stop her?' she thought and put on a reassuring look.

"oh..." Hyemi said as she slowly stood up "uh, Mijoo and I will be right back" She said and grabbed her bestfriend's hand who seemed to be clueless of the situation. Hara smiled again and waved at them silently whispering a 'good luck'.

Hyemi grabbed Mijoo's shoulders and stared at her "This is our chance to escape" she whispered. Mijoo caught up to the situation and nodded her head quickly.

"Do we just run away?" She asked. Hyemi nodded.

"We need to get out of here" They sneaked up to the main door watching out just in case any of the boys were there but no one was. Confirming that the house was empty, Hyemi quietly turned the door knob and closed it after Mijoo stepped out along with her.

She inhaled the fresh air and closed her eyes saying 'freedom!'. They both sneaked past the cars and into the woods. As soon as they got far away, Mijoo and Hyemi sprinted off towards the old bus station planning to tell any person nearby and call the police.

Hyemi was surprised at how easy it was and nobody came to stop them. She seemed all too happy while Mijoo sensed something was wrong. She regretted running away and knew Jimin would get to her somehow. It's as if he knew exactly where she was like a GPS device.

"We did it Mijoo" Hyemi hugged her friend as they reached the bus stop out of breath. The sight of a few people walking on the streets gave her relief. Knowing that she won't be seeing that weird and mysterious Yoongi guy again was the best thing in the world. However, her heart ached at the feeling of loss.

Hyemi grabbed her chest and bend down causing Mijoo to look at her in concern. "Why am I feeling like this?" Hyemi asked holding back her tears. "Why do I feel so ... empty?" She was kind of regretting running away but ignored her thoughts. "Forget it. Let's go find my mom and tell her we're alright" She said holding Mijoo's hand, wiping her tears and walking towards home.

"You're in big trouble little lady"

A deep familiar voice spoke from behind her causing Hyemi's eyes to widen. She didn't have to turn around to guess that it was Yoongi and without thinking sprinted away from him.

She ran and ran, not giving Yoongi a chance to catch up with her. Mijoo was about to run away too but she felt a pair of warm hands clasp around her. "J-Jimin" She stuttered as she felt his breath on her neck.

"I gave you a chance Mijoo. I didn't force you with anything and you still betray me like this?" He asked in a sad voice.

"N-no it isn't like t-that" she couldn't get her words right because Jimin was too close to her and her heart was beating so fast, it could jump out of her chest. Jimin stayed quiet while Mijoo stared at her best friend and Yoongi who seemed to be getting further away as he chased her like a cat chasing a mouse. "Hyemi wanted to run away because that idiot was forcing her" She explained after taking a deep breath. She stepped away from his arms and turned back to look at her mate. "And why wouldn't I try to escape? You kidnapped me without an explanation!" She glared at him, crossing her arms.

"..fine.." He sighed. "I'll explain everything to you once we get back home" Jimin offered his hand to lead her back which she gladly took. He was such a charming guy... although at times he could be a creepy pervert.

 although at times he could be a creepy pervert

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