Banged Up

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(Warnings: ER visit, seeing something fucked up, Laurens gets a brain freeze from ice cream, Laurens swallows gum, suggested Lams, Lafayette has a nightmare, poorly translated French, FORESHADOWING)
(Y/n POV)
"Well what happened in this case, Mr. Laurens?" The Doctor asked.
Laurens and I made eye contact. On the way here we discussed on an excuse because he didn't want it to seem like I assaulted him,.. which I kinda did.
"I tripped on the dog and face-planted into the floor... really hard." Laurens lied.
The doctor seemed to buy the story, chucking. "I guess, since you landed hard enough to spit your lip, and bruise your face and eye. The lip is going to need some adhesive patches, so you don't have to come back. You're just going to have to let the bruises heal on their own."
Laurens shrugged. "I've been beaten up worse..."
The doctor left to get the equipment to close his wound.
"Wow, medicine has really...improved." Laurens rubbed his cheek, snorting.
I nodded as he touched over the chair arms on his seat. "Yeah, its saving lives..."
I heard a loud groan in the hall outside make-shift curtain room. The curtain was open. A man was being rushed down the hall, and he looked like he had been shot in the side.
"That guy doesn't look like he's having a good night." I joked, still sympathetic for the poor man.
Laurens looked stiff and he touched his side, sort of near where the man had been shot. My expression softened.
"Weren' shot?" I asked slowly.
He nodded and pressed his fingers against the spot on his abdomen.
The doctor came back in, making the two of us jump in surprise.
He quickly applied the strip to Laurens's lip and told him to leave them on for three weeks. He also gave him some scar cream for when the cut was closed.
Once we were outside the busy ER, I noticed Laurens was still looking uncomfortable.
"Hey, I'm sorry for bringing up the fact you were shot..." I touched his shoulder.
"It's fine... I guess it's just... a sensitive topic?" He snorted.
"Well of course if fucking is..." I smiled as he did. "Let's go get a snack before we heard to the apartment. We didn't really eat our midnight snacks.."
He nodded and we went on our way.
(Lafayette POV)
I don't know what was waking me up. My head hurt. I opened my eyes to find myself on the floor, hair out of its usual tie, blood in my mouth, I had no wound, I had just been kicked really hard. Without a doubt, Y/n was the one pleading beside me. This room I was in was dim and musty.
I felt myself being pulled up by my hair. "You thought you could fool ME with that little switcharo? Lafayette, you're a funny man...yet so simple." I closed my eyes as I felt a cold object being dragged against my cheek up to my hairline.
"You're pathetic... But so talented at the same time. America's favorite fighting Frenchman, meeting his second demise at the hands of a crazed-" I felt the cold, sharp object enter the skin of my shoulder, making me cry out in pain. "-perverted-" the other shoulder. "Sadistic!" And finally a kick across the face with a hard shoe. It sent me to the ground once more, spitting out a tooth from the black of my mouth. "Cannibal... The scum of the planet!"
I tried to raise myself off of the ground but putting any weight on my shoulders made them ache very badly. I froze as he raised a large weapon- a sword, over me and laughed. "Au revior, monsieur Gilbert du Montier, Marquis de Lafayette!"
I shot up from my nightmare, sweat on my forehead. Alexander was night writing across the room, lit by a small candle. I breathed heavily. He looked over at me.
"Lafayette? Are you alright?" He asked, worriedly.
I nodded slowly. "Oui... Yes, I think I am..." I rubbed my shoulders.
"O-Oui..." I inhaled sharply. "It happened again... The one with him... and Y/n... when I can't see their faces."
Alexander hummed and wrote down something, then typing on the computer-thing next to him.
I don't trust Bf/n.
(Y/n POV)
Laurens rubbed his temples and groaned, "W-wha the fuck?!"
"John! It's just a brain freeze! Stick your thumb against the roof of your mouth." I did it as an example.
He copied me and his brain freeze soon faded.
We had been eating ice cream in a shop just next to my building, which was 24 hour. He got simple vanilla, and really liked it.
"So, Jefferson brought this stuff to America, did he?" He asked me, full mouth.
"Yeah, he did." I said.
"He's pretty cool. He's just a dick to Alexander... which I don't like." He finished his ice cream and tossed the cup into the trash.
I smirked. "You care about Alexander a whole lot, don't you?"
He blushed, "Of course, why wouldn't I?! We were friends throughout the revolution, I just wish I could have been there a little longer..."
"You like him."
"Yeah, I do. He's such a good man."
"You know he cheated on his wife, right?"
"He cheated on Eliza? Oh my god, maybe he is a bit of a fixer-upper." Laurens snorted.
We went silent for a few minutes, but I offered him a piece of fruity gum. He swallowed it whole and stared at me with a blank expression. "Laurens, you were supposed to chew it."
We both laughed, and I checked the time.
2:30 am.
We had to get home.
And so we did.

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