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Hello lovelies, 

IMPORTANT: If you're new to this story, I would suggest that you read my short story, The Whispering of Bitter Creek first. That might seem a little strange, seeing as this is a prequel of sorts, but there's huge great spoiler in this one that could potentially ruin Bitter Creek for you, so it would be better to head over to the Creek before you make a start on this spooky little tale. Thank you :-) 


Some of you might already be familiar with Between Screams and Silence, having read it previously when it was posted on the OuijaMovie account as promotion for the movie Ouija:Origin of Evil

For those of you who haven't read BSAS before, in 2016, I was asked by Wattpad and Universal Pictures to write a short story - an origin story based on one of my existing characters from another of my stories, The Whispering of Bitter Creek

I felt it was time Between Screams and Silence found a home next to Bitter Creek on my profile,  and so here it is, the original 5 chapter version, which was later split into 9 parts for the Ouija movie profile. 

I hope you enjoy! Please do help support the story by hitting that little star button and leaving a comment if you can. 

Linz x

Linz x

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