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Sadie entered the bar with Jerrica, Dee, three PAs (Haley, Jacob, and Matt), and Jillian. That one surprised her. She wouldn't have pegged Jillian as wanting to spend her New Year's Eve with peons like them. She barely spoke to them at all during the week. Then again, they were young and Jacob was pretty hot, for a college kid.

The bar was long and oval, centered in the middle of the room with drinks and bartenders wrapped around it. To the left of the bar were booths lining the walls and tables speckled throughout. To the right was an open dance floor and a platform trying to pass itself off as a stage. When they walked in at ten-thirty the place was empty, making the bar look sad and run-down, scuff marks and chipped paint all too visible through the absence of bodies.

"Wow. This place is dead," Haley said, nose wrinkled with distaste.

"I told you we should have shown up fashionably late, just before midnight. The real fun is later," Jerrica added.

"We came early so we could claim a booth for the night. Just wait. If we'd gotten here even a half hour later, we'd have to stand the whole time. Now all we need are some drinks and you'll forget all about what time it is," Jillian said and then switched to her news anchor voice, "I guarantee it." Jillian didn't wait for a response. She strutted over to the bar in her shimmering, low cut top and tight black Spandex pants.

Sadie was not used to seeing her like this and even though she knew more about Jillian than the viewers at home, she was beginning to suspect it wasn't by very much.

The rest of them followed her, except Dee, who left to find their booth. The bartender had a shot of whiskey ready for Jillian as she approached. Without a word, she grabbed the shot and knocked it back.

"Jillian!" The young bartender said, talking over the music. "I'm flattered you decided to spend New Year's Eve with me."

"Well, you do know what I like, Will." Jillian winked at him.

Will shot her a crooked smile and began making a whiskey sour. Jillian took the drink and winked again, handing him a wad of cash. Without acknowledging the others, she started back towards the booth Dee had found for them.

Dropping the flattery, Will turned towards the rest of them. "What can I get for you?"

Sadie and Jerrica started talking at once.

"Sorry, you go first," Sadie offered.

Jerrica smiled. "Cosmo for me, please."

"I'll have..." Sadie blanked, unsure what to order. On a regular day she'd chose the cheapest beer on tap, but tonight she wanted to order something that said, "I'm fun, dammit!" She looked around for the drink menu, a little panicked, but saw nothing. "Uh...I'll take a Cherry Bomb followed by a Rum and Coke. Thanks."

Will barely cracked a smile as he set the shot down on the counter. Sadie picked it up, held it out in cheers, and downed it, trying to mask her pained expression. Sadie and Jerrica found their way back to the booth, drinks in hand. Jillian was already down to the ice in her drink when they arrived. A minute later the PAs returned carrying Pabst Blue Ribbons. Sadie couldn't decide whether they were all trying to be hipsters or if that was really all they could afford.

"So the plan is to stay here until midnight. There's a band playing at eleven. Then we'll head over to Cloud 9 and hop around from bar to bar until they kick us out." Jerrica's hands laid out the plans almost better than she did.

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