Big is not always better

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"WOW......Alexis was right it's your fault so stop acting like a bitch"

I felt so betrayed I felt so eager, I felt so.... so I don't know actually, I don't know what I felt ,I know I felt something all at once, but couldn't some up the one thing that I felt. I heard something in the woods it seemed like someone was walking. I thought I would want it to be Aaron but I didn't want to see especially him. I heard a concern voice call out my name it was Justin . "ALEXIS WHERE are you ? Are you okay" I can hear his breath slow down every time he repeated this then eventually he found me.

"Alexis are you okay" he said sitting down next to me on a branch. " you know Justin I feel great because the guy that I love the guy that cured me from my disease the first guy that I've loved loves someone else and I still love him and he doesn't even love me yes I'm just great I'm just amazing." My throat started to get choked up with tears and A tear fell down.

"Alexis I'm sorry but if you need someone to be here for you that someone is me you can talk to me Alexis please." Should I talk to Justin I mean Justin is an amazing guy but I don't know I just really didn't know. "I DON'T CARE " I heard a person with a manly voice yell and I recognize that manly voice recognized it too much it was Aaron.

The next thing I know tears are streaming down my face what did he mean by I don't care what do you don't care about let me guess me. I couldn't take being there I just couldn't the more I hear the more gets sick to my stomach the more I get sick to my stomach then when I cry the more I Cry the more I know it is that I fell for the Playboy.

"Please...please Justin can yout drive me anywhere but here please..." Justin respond with a concerned "yeah of course anything"

As we walked up to Justin's car I tried to be as quiet as motionless as I can I did not want Aaron and Avalon expecially Avalon to see me crying streamers because of them. I hurried and rush into the car Justin still looking concerned.

" you want me to take you home" the answer that popped in my head was no no because it was late and I was literally crying my eyes out "No I don't want to go home crying my eyes out and it's late can we just go to your house or something because I can't go home or Aaron's." " yeah of course"

20 mins later

Wow when I got out of the car I saw an amazing beautiful house which was Justin's of course it was so big and just beautiful it was a it was a cream color and it looked amazing. I was in so much all I didn't even here Justin talking.

Justin said looking at me " it's not that much they just believe big is better trust me big is not always better."

When I walked into this house wasn't that much to be honest it was cream colored walls a white couch a big when I say big I mean a huge TV like size of the wall TV and is tile. Was pretty quiet like no one was there. I could suspect that there is no parents here Justin told me that they were on a cruise to the Bahamas.

" so....." Justin said I can notice that he didn't know what to say. So I decided to say for him.

" did you want to ask me how my doing when the guy that I thought loved me and the guy that I know I love loves the girl that I thought he didn't love or at least love the girl that I thought was like gone but that's not the case so yeah I feel I don't know actually so so yeah is that what you going to ask me" I can feel my throat choking up with tears just when I talk about it I just feel a feeling that I can't handle that I don't even know what it is so it's just hard for me to react to it.

Justin finally responded "Alexis no" he could see that I was hurt. He came close to me and gave me a hug I really emotional hug a hug that I thought I would never come out of Justin but I guess he really cared about me that's the first.

"Listen here were not going when are going to talk about Aaron we're going to have some fun I'm going to watch some movies and eat popcorn Avalon Aaron wait wait we're not talking about them we're talking about us so let's get in some pajamas and watching movie and eat some popcorn." You're trying to make me happy and it actually worked"

I decided to take a bath and Justin gave me some shorts to put on that is Mom where's and the sweatshirt that says Thrasher.

We piled on the couch to watch movie on the huge wall TV. The Oujia Movie because I think we both have a thing for scary movies.

As the movie started to ended I started thinking to myself what is Avalon and Aaron doing are they doing the you know what are they talking about me or are they just confessing their love for each other. You know what the more I think about it the more I don't care well at least the more I try to not care I still love Aaron and there's no lie of that let me know that you're doesn't love me.

As I was in my thoughts I noticed that the movie was over and noticed that me and Justin were close together and I noticed that Justin was sleeping and his head was on my lap. He reminds me of what a newborn puppy looks like when they're sleeping cute sweet and innocent and totally hot. And it was late so I should go to bed say kiss Justin on the forehead because he just look so cute and sexy at the same time. I know I was tired but it just kept staring at him he was goddess. I could feel Justin lifting his head up.

"What are you okay" he said . I gave him a kiss on the cheek to reassure that I was okay. then we were just staring at each other his grey eye bore into mine and then we kiss it was a short kiss it was a soft kiss. It was a warm kiss but it was a kiss from someone that I think cares about me .


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