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When I was at the junior secondary school, years past, I asked myself this; Who am I? I was so Quick to say WILLIAMS.lol. little did I know that this is just a name.

There are millions of people named Williams. Some are rich, some are poor, some are short while others tall.

Years later while watching a old famous boxer on tv, he was asked his name and he said 'THE WORLD GREATEST' but this was not is real name as I think then.

Now I know that our real name is not the name we are named but the name we answer to.

We can be named success but answer to failure cos is a choice.

To give yourself a name, first discover who you are and name yourself after.

The first characteristic of a name is you.

It is also possible to name yourself after what you want to see in you.

Now tell me your name! for me, I am who I says I am.. I AM THE WILL WILL.I.AM

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