64. Shared Emotions

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His beautiful green eyes held me captivated, oh how I'd missed them.  How I'd missed him.

I stood on his doorstep as we drank each other in, each completely lost in the other until Jay finally spoke.

"Come in." His voice held that thick emotion that had my panties flooded within seconds.

As if afraid the other would disappear, we held eye contact as I stepped in and he closed the door behind me.

"How was the photo shoot?"  He asked quietly, his body moving towards mine as I stepped back against the wall.

My breathing was laboured, our eyes still connected. 

"I faked my smiles.  The same as I've been doing for the last two weeks."  I answered honestly.

His hand reached up to my cheek and my fists instinctively flew against his chest.  I wanted him to feel the hurt that I felt. 

"They didn't have to be fake Mia." 

His hands gripped my wrists and raised them above my head before he lowered one back to my cheek, then down to my neck.  My breath quickened as he tightened his grip.

"I could have been there for you.  I would have."

I closed my eyes and hissed in a breath.  "I know."

"Open your eyes Mia, stop hiding from me." 

It took me a few seconds to have the courage, tears rolling down my cheeks as I looked into his pained eyes.

"I didn't do it babe, I didn't." 

The pain in his voice brought more tears, the guilt I felt was killing me.

"I know."  I whispered, my eyes pleading with him to understand.

Emotions flashed through his eyes and across his face, my guilt growing by the second.

"You know?" 

His grip on my neck tightened as his warm breath brushed against my ear lobe right before it was grasped between his teeth.

"Yes."  My voice was thick with need.

I felt his tongue lick the length of my neck, his breath warm and heavy.

His left hand gripped my wrists as his right hand moved from my neck to slowly unbutton my shirt.

My chest was rising and falling heavily with each breath I drew into my lungs. He needed this, I needed this.

When my shirt was unbuttoned, he roughly ripped my bra open, sighing as he gripped my bare breast.

"You hurt me Mia." He whispered as his fingers teased my nipple.

"And you fucking destroyed me Jay!" I breathed, his fingers rolling my nipple, my body melting at his touch.

"I know." His eyes held raw emotions as they met mine. "I never wanted to hurt you baby."

"But you did." My voice cracked.

"Whatever did or didn't happen Jay, you woke up thinking you'd fucked her. That awful fucking woman Jay! You believed you'd betray me with her!" I sobbed.

His grip on my breast tightened, not in the normal comforting way, it was more of a desperate grasp for contact.

His hands tightened on me as he leaned his body against mine, his mouth against the soft skin of my shoulder.

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