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Many times we uses clause like ON the light; I need MORE light; white or coloured light; NO light. from this expressions, we concluded in saying light can be on, more, coloured, absent or present, or can be moved. Now, what is LIGHT? Light is not a colour, not the moon neither the sun, is not the bulb or florescent in your room, and is not electricity. LIGHT IS THAT THING THAT DEFINE, GIVES THE TRUE MEANING, AND LIFE TO AN OBJECT OR SUBJECT. When light falls on the sun, it light up the sun so that the sun can discover its own light that light up the earth. the same applies to moon. it takes light to know the true colour of an objects. it takes light to read and understand. it takes light to work in darkness if you don t want to stumble. it takes light to look for your missing objects or properties and find it. finally it takes light to discover a man s true abilities. GOD IS LIGHT AND YOU NEED GOD.

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