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Maturity is all about taking responsibility into your hands.

Many times we blame others for mistakes and failures in project but never put the blame on ourselves.

Some blame the government. The only reason why a government can be responsible for your failures is because you are irresponsible and the government who are responsible decided to help you out.

You are a liar if you say your parent caused it. The primary responsibility of your parent is to give birth to you, while the secondary is to make sure you clock 14. After 14 years of age, you are responsible for your destiny.

Before, it was believe that a fool at forty is a fool forever but I am telling you now A FOOL AT FOURTEEN IS A FOOL FOR ETERNITY WETHER YOU BELIEVE IT OR NOT.

Great things can be spoken of you if you take your responsibility.

You can never be too big to your parent.

Be responsible to your parent, be responsibe to GOD, be responsible in your environment and finally, be responsible to yourself.

Do not wait for people to do it for you, you do it for them.

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