Chapter [25] Get Your Head in the Game

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Chapter Twenty-Five:

"So. How was it?" Bonnie asked.

Me and Bonnie were on facetime. I couldn't find my tripod so I ratchetly taped my phone to the dashboard of my car.

"It was actually a lot better than I anticipated." I made a quick turn into the school parking lot.

I parked and sat in my car for a little bit since I had an extra ten minutes until homeroom. Morgan stayed home because she was sick. I lowered the volume of my radio and turned my ignition off.

"Sky! Hey!" I saw Jonah nearly pushed Bonnie of the steps.

She sighed loudly. "Ugh, Jonah chill you're acting like a kid."

"How about you cash me outside how bah dah." He rolled his neck.

She rolled her eyes. "You moron we're already outside."

"Oh." He said. "Sky what are you doing?" He changed the subject.

Ugh, do I miss these moments. And here I am alone in my car looking like such a loser.

I laughed. "I just got to school. There's this big game tonight and if we win then it's off to the state championship."

"Hmm, did you hear that Bon? We" He held his hands up and put emphasis on the we.

Okay, that did sound like I was betraying them, but hey, it's time to move on right. "Oh, come on. You know what I mean." I rolled my eyes. I heard their bell ringing in the background and knew that the call would be ending soon.

"Well that was the bell. We'll talk to you later Sky, miss you!" Bonnie waved.

"Bye!" I pouted, pressing the end button on my screen.

This time, I didn't sit in Clay's seat during homeroom. I sat beside Meredith. I didn't want to be rude and keep sitting in someone's seat ya know.

When he walked in, his eyes automatically landed on his empty chair, but then he looked around the room and his eyes stopped on me. When we made eye contact he quickly looked away and gave a normal "hey man" to his friend who sat beside him.

"Aaron, did you do the homework from last night? The math homework?" Meredith leaned forward to the guy next to Clay.

"What homework?" He turned all the way around in his seat. "We had homework?" He exaggerated.

She nodded. "Yes. Clay did you?" She tapped his shoulder.

"Uh, yeah hang on." He went in his backpack and pulled out a sheet of paper and handed it to her. "Just don't be obvious with the answers."


Aaron then looked at me. "Yo, Skylynn, are you coming to the game tonight?"

I nodded. "Yup."

"Cool." He said with a smug look on his face.

Aaron was a lot more talkative than Clay, but not in a flirty way. I had him in a couple more of my classes which is why I was pretty comfortable around him. He almost reminded me of Jonah in a way; very chill and funny.

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