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Because of so many experience people encounter in love, they misunderstood the very principle of love itself.

What is LOVE?? GOD IS LOVE! And is as simple as that irrespective of your personal definition for it.

In the beginning, God regretted for creating man but at the end, He sent His only Son to save the same people as an act of love.

LOVE will cause you to go an extra-mile for what you have no interest on.

It takes love for two people to come together as one.

It takes love to heal a broken heart.

It takes love to displease yourself inorder to satisfy someone else.

The same people Jesus came to save are the same people that crucify Him, yet He asked the Heavenly Father to forgive them. This is Love!

A lady cheated on you doesnt mean you are being hated.

Remember the bible says All Things work together for our good. Feel good if the world hates you. In love, we dnt loose because God is love.

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