Today was the day I had been dreading for weeks- meeting my foster brother for the first time. I hadn't even seen a picture of him, all I knew was his name.

I was on the school bus home, and I wasn't exactly eager to return. From what my parents said, the boy should be there with them now. They travelled all the way to Cheshire this morning, and they got back about an hour ago. I didn't know why they were so excited, it was just another person to foster. But this time I was glad it was only for around six months.

"You know, maybe having a foster brother won't be that bad," my good friend, Devon spoke to me. I mentally rolled my large, hazel eyes- reminiscing how much I had thought about it. I knew it was going to be bad. "You just need to accept him."

"How can I accept someone who I've never met before?" I argued, snapping at her like it was nothing. I slumped back into my bus seat, staring outside the window. My house was barely minutes away.

"True," She muttered. "But you have to give him a chance."

I just shrugged, not exactly agreeing but willing to give it a rest. I just wanted this boy to be tidy, and respectful. It wasn't like I was going to completely ignore him, I mean, I had to talk to him eventually, and I knew it would be today.

"You know, I shouldn't worry too much," I nervously laughed to myself, but secretly wanting to vomit from the butterflies in my stomach. "Maybe he'll turn out to be a good guy."

"That's the spirit!" She chuckled, and then nudged me in the shoulder for encouragement. I heavily sighed, leaning forward as I look at the all too familiar bus stop down the road.

The bus came to a stop, signalling me to get up from my seat and meet my new foster brother. I silently cried, well, nearly. "Harley, wait!"

Devon stopped me suddenly, pulling me back from the edge of my seat before she widely smiled at me. "Remember... tomorrow we have a school church service- we both need to do a Bible reading."

I widened my eyes in fear, immediately gulping. "That's tomorrow?!"

"Yes!" She yelled along with a laugh, despite there being nothing to laugh about. "Miss Watkins will kill us if we don't learn our parts."

"Damn, okay- I'll learn it tonight. I'll see you tomorro-"

Suddenly, the bus started moving again, and I panicked quickly before screaming. "Wait! This is my stop!"

I got up, and started running down the centre. Without warning, the bus came to a sudden stop again, causing me to fall forward and collapse down on my knees. My bag went up in the air, various books and papers flying out as I frantically tried to catch them all. The bus erupted with laughter, but I was in too much concentration as I gathered all of my disgarded books and put them back into my bag.

"Watch where you're going," A voice sneered, a voice that I would like to forget. "You and that big arse could knock something over."

You and that big ego will be the death of me, I thought. Oh my goodness, if she says another word then I will run off this bus quicker than I anticipated. I strongly disliked Amber. She was the typical sinner in my school. She bullied others, wore her uniform in a derogatory way and was rude to almost everyone.

I rose to my feet in embarrassment, disgarding those thoughts of Amber out of my mind as I calmly yet weakly made my way off the bus. "Thank you for stopping." I whispered to the driver timidly.

I kept a permanent frown on my face as I walked peacefully to my house. I tried to get that picture of me falling over out of my head, but it really was no use. Maybe having this new foster brother could be a good thing. He could sort of look out for me, have my back or something.

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