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Showing gratitude Is the simplest thing to do and yet, Is the greatest character a human being can exhibit.

Animals dont show gratitude.

To show gratitude towards the gift you received yesterday Is the assurance of you receiving another one tomorrow.

Gratitude can be express In WORDS or In KIND.

A man who cannot show gratitude to his Landlord for giving him apartment even though he Is paying for It, cannot THANK GOD for the gift of LIFE even though he have It In abundance.

Have you ever say THANK YOU SIR! to your dad for paying your school fees or you think that Is his responsibility! You better know Is not all father that do so!

Learn to show gratitude to your parent or guardians after EVERY MEAL. Thank! Is not too small.

Learn to GIVE THANKS to ALMIGHT GOD for every NEW DAY! cos many DIED In the process of their sleep.

Learm to appreciate every NEW FRIEND you make. It takes DIVINE GRACE for someone to take you as FRIEND, why not ENEMY?

Learn to be grateful for every WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE.

GOD says Be anxious for nothing but In all thing by prayer and supplication, FOLLOW BY THANKS GIVING let our request be made known to HIM..

If It Is not Important, HE wouldnt have Include It.

Learn today how to show gratitude in ALL THINGS!

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