Cartman x reader ((EDITED))

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling~

~Your POV~

Eric Cartman is my best friend, we grew up together and to make it better we are next door neighbours. We have the best times together; we are inseparable but I wish we could be more than just friends but I know he only sees me as a sister.

The kids in my class think we would be a cute couple but Eric always says we won't be and walks away, leaving me with a pain in my heart. So I keep my crush a secret from everyone.

Tonight is the big night I'm going to Eric's house for a sleepover and I'm going to confess to him, I got all my stuff ready and said my goodbyes to mum and dad, and I walked over to Eric's house.

I knocked on the door, I heard heavy footsteps walking towards the door and the one and only Eric Cartman opened the door "Hey (y/n), so what do you want to do first?" He said letting me in and walked upstairs into his room

"Ummm... I don't really care but we could play some video games for a while then maybe... while I go for a shower we can watch movies" I said blushing and putting my bags down

"Ok cool, I'll set up the games and you can unpack" he said and I nodded.

When the game was ready, we played (f/g= favourite game) I was obviously second player, but I was a pro at (f/g) so Eric better watch out.


After getting bored with playing (f/g) we turned it off and Eric went downstairs to set up the movie so I went to have a quick shower. While in the shower, I heard the door open "Sorry (y/n) I need to take a piss" he said sounding desperate

"Ok, just hurry up I'm getting out soon" I said blushing so hard.

Once I heard the toilet flush and the door open again I was guessing he left. I got out and wrapped the towel around, I quickly got changed and left the bathroom.

~Cartman's POV~

Me and (y/n) got bored playing (f/g) so I get downstairs to put on (f/m) while (y/n) went for a shower. While waiting I had the urge to go to the toilet badly it wouldn't go away, so I went upstairs trying so hard not to be a perv opened the door "Sorry (y/n) I need to take a piss" I mentally face planted and couldn't believe I said that in front of my crush.

After doing my business, I washed my hands and walked out and went back down stairs and was sitting on the couch in a pile of blankets waiting for (y/n).

After (y/n) came down, she sat next to me underneath the blankets and watched the movie, there was laughing and tears during the movie.

After a few more movies, I heard a faint snore I look beside me and see the cutest site every, (y/n)'s head was on my shoulder sleeping peacefully she was so beautiful. I got up trying not to disturb her, I pick her up and she clings to me her arms and legs are around me while her head rested on my shoulder, her breath tickled my neck.

I take her up to my room and lay her on the bed but she wouldn't let go so I lay down with her and wrap my arms around her, she moved a little bit but not enough to wake her up. I soon fell into a deeply slumber with the love of my life in my arms.


I woke up to the light shining in my eyes, my vision was blurry but recovered (y/n) was still in my arms, hair was in her face so I moved it behind her ear and she slowly woke up, her arms slowly let go of me. She looked at the position we were in and she blushed very hard, I did so too.

"(Y/n) I could have said this sooner but I love you and I always have, I know I'm an asshole sometimes but you still stick with me and that's why I love you" I confessed

"I love you too Eric" she said kissing my cheek

"Well will you be my girlfriend?" She nodded and laid back down and fell asleep again, I kissed her forehead and fell asleep as well.

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