Chapter One

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Chapter One

Do you ever get the feeling that you're being watched?

A stare so intense that it raises the hairs on the back of your neck and sends goosebumps prickling across your skin, a chill stealing up your spine so harsh that you actually shuddered from it. You look up and around to find the source of it.

Except there was no way in Hell I was going to look up at the man who was staring at my backside. I knew who it was and I was in no mood to play this silly romance novel game. Or rather, a really bad porno made in some teenager's backyard. At least a romance novel had, you know, romance in it. The man who stared at me wasn't into romance, unless it got him what he wanted and what he wanted was a one-night stand.

This man's name was Devereaux, but we just called him Dev. Or Asshole. Whichever works fine for me. Even worse, he was incredibly attractive to the point where, no matter how much he irritated me, he always managed to make my cock ache. It was only because Dev was the personified sin of Lust. One of the infamous Seven Deadly Sins, Dev was made to look like the most beautiful thing on two legs. He was incredibly tall, nearly seven feet, with brown hair highlighted with gold streaks, pulled back into a short ponytail while his bangs framed his stubbled jaw. Whenever he moved, even slightly shifted, his muscles moved in a symphony of raw power. Just thinking about it made my mouth water and my body ache, but I refused to cave into the desire that led many to believe that Dev actually gave two shits about people.

The only thing he wanted was a piece of ass for tonight, and unfortunately, he was dead set on mine.

I knew very well about Dev's attempts to woo me. I didn't need anyone, like my older brother, Thorn, to tell me that. It was in Dev's nature. He couldn't help it that he had an eternal erection for anything with a heartbeat.

But I could help it, by ignoring him.

I focused on the black punching bag that dangled from the tall training room ceiling, clenching my fists in fingerless leather gloves to protect my already bruised knuckles. I slammed my fist hard into the bag, causing it to twirl away before I slung my foot out to keep it from knocking me over. Sweat beaded on either side of my nose and soaked the back of my black tank top. The room stunk of sweat and leather. There were a few more punching bags nearby, one of which was occupied by my second-in-command, Anza.

Anza was the personification of Pride. Her dark burgandy hair was pulled back tightly from her face in a ponytail that slapped at her shoulders with each vicious sucker punch she delivered to the bag in front of her, her brown eyes narrowd in concentration. Her black sports bra hugging her breasts tightly, sweat oozing from the back and down to her tiny black shorts. It would be foolish to say she wasn't beautiful, because she was, but she was missing a very important piece of anatomy for my tastes.

If I could call anyone my best friend, though, it would be her.

A no bullshit kind of woman with a dark sense of humor and odd moments of wisdom, she was my friend and my extra sister.

Not that I needed more.

Bali, Wednesday, and Dania were enough as it was.

"What're you doing tonight?" Dev's voice was in my ear so fast that I gasped and missed the bag, causing it to smack me in the face. I grunted and started to fall backwards onto the mat, but Dev's long muscular arms caught me and steadied me. I shrugged him away, brushing myself off and shooting him a scowl as I took a glove off to rake a hand through my sweaty black hair.

"Dev, I told you to stay on the other side of the room. You should be training too." I added sharply. Dev seemed to completely ignore that and flashed me one of his charming smiles that made my insides melt and my cock throb. I clenched my teeth and swallowed the lust building inside me.

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