The 5th Book in the Twlight Saga-chapter 1

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Kk this is my first story so plleaassee tell me what you think!

The 5th Book in the Twilight Saga-chapter 1

I was running, again. Running for my life, again. Same thing: my mangled thoughts, my blurred vision. But somehow it was different. Every ping of sadness, every prickly shard of intensity, every blow of a memory, seemed to sting my eyes or impale my side. What I was sprinting away from, I don't know. Nothing made sense anymore. Everything was a mess. The mere thought of having things back to the way they were, just me and him, was pleasing but even if we ever did see each other again, we couldn't go back to the way it was.

I stopped running.

Darkness swallowed me and I shuddered. The pattern of trickling water slowed my unnecessary breathing until they were in unison.

My feet were on fire as well as my lungs (from all the unneeded breathing), but it was my thirst that was incredible so I pounced on a helpless, unsatisfying squirrel and tore him to pieces. I panted softly and equally, until my knees buckled and I collapsed into a heap on the ground.

Then I was running again.

This time, I was moving slower, looking like a heap to any by passers. Of course they couldn't see me. My strength, my speed, my existence, was invisible to anyone but Charlie, the Quilete pack, the Cullens, and Renesmee, my dear daughter who I left in the capable hands or Rosalie, my ex-sister-in-law.

I allowed my thoughts to drift to Edward. Where was he? Was he worried? Of course. Did he think I betrayed him? Did he still love me? My head bubbled with the thought.

Wait, you, reader, must be very annoyed and confused by this point. If you have never read the Twilight Saga I suggest you do. It tells my life story. I'm Bella Cullen. Or Bella Swan. I'm here to tell you that Stephanie Meyer is WRONG! My story doesn't end in that happy piece of forever like it says in the end of Breaking Dawn. THE END as she puts it, is not my end or the end for that matter. To further help you understand, I will start from a week ago when things took a turn for the worst...


"Hey Bells, your eyes aren't so freakishly red anymore!" Jacob Black, my best friend and also a werewolf, exclaimed. He lumbered over to me after entering the very expensive French doors of me and Edward's home.

"Does that mean they were freaky before? Wait, don't answer that. Well thanks...I guess,"

"Bella is about five months now old now so she should have gold irises in about a week or so," Edward interrupted, flitting to my side. "and she looks gorgeous, right Jacob?"

"Erm, yeah I guess," Jake spluttered. "Anyways, there's a vampire coming from the north and I just thought I'd warn ya. He'll be here in about 10 minutes if my nose clock is correct."

"Thank you for your concern, Jacob, but we really need you to stay here and watch Renesmee." Came a cooling voice. It was my husband, Edward. He must have answered a comment or question in Jacob's head because I felt like a was missing a part of the conversation.

(So blah, blah, blah, we feed Renesmee ((aww)) and set out.)

We ran for a few minutes until we came upon the vampire in the field. I froze in shock at what was in front of me.  


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