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Grayson's pov

"Hey boss! Are you coming to lunch?"
I step away from the window.
"Yes, I'm coming Jake. Was that the new interview?"
"The one that just left?"
I nod.
"Yes, It was. She would be perfect for the job. Lynn and Alex would make a great team."
"So that's her name?"
"What? Oh yes Lynn that's her name. She's gorgeous. Hopefully no one around here ruins her."
"Shut up, we have nice people working here. She is applying in the marketing division right?"
"Yep. Will Ethan be joining us?"
"No he's in Miami trying to settle a new account remember?"
"Oh yea I forgot."
I grab my phone.
"Okay well lets go grab some pizza."
"Its always pizza."
Jake's voice floats down the hall.


Where the hell have I been.
Busy with life.
Just kidding I have no life.
Anyways I'm back.

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