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"Oh! One more thing, always look them in the eye." Kate says while brushing off my shoulders.
"It shows respect."
"Ok I got it. Any other words of advice?" I ask slightly joking.
"Yes. They can smell fear." She teases.
"Ha ha."
"But seriously Lynn, just be yourself. But also be on your best behavior, this might be your future employer. Just be kind and thoughtful."
"Wow. Ok. You want to go in an do the interview for me?" I joke.
Kate shoves me towards the building.
I almost fall.
"Good luck!" She yells.
I roll my eyes and smile as I step into the marble lobby.

"Room 809. Thanks Linda."
I step into the elevator and it takes me up to my doom.
With every floor I feel the pit in my stomach rise up to my throat.
I hear the ding and the opening of doors.
I step out and look around.
The place is huge.
I have an interview with Jake.
Vice President of OPEN CO.
Everyone seems to be nice and happy so far.
They seem pretty loose here.
Everyone is wearing mostly causal clothes.
This is a very urban environment.
I love it.
Certainly more relaxed than college.
I could get used to this, but I don't want to jinx myself.
"Hey. I'm Jake nice to meet you."
"Oh hi. I'm Lynn. Nice to meet you as well."
"Shall we get stared?" Jake asked.
"Lead the way."
Jake leads me down hallways attached to many rooms.
In one big room, a majority of the office is huddled around a TV.
Every one is yelling cheerfully.
A really hot guy runs up to Jake with a huge smile on his face.
"Jake! Dude we just got 20,000 visits on the site man!"
"Ahhh that's awesome I'm so hype!" Jake says bro-ing out.
"So this is the new sacrifice. Is she single?" The guy gestures towards me.
"Oh no I'm married." I say.
"Oh I'm sorry I was kidding. I didn't mean to-"
"Dude I'm kidding!" I say.
"Oh good." He breathes heavily.
"Bro. You should have seen your face!" Jake laughs.
"Nice one Lynn! Keep it up and you'll be the life of the office."
"We'll see. If I get the job." I wink at the guy.
He looks at me, fascinated.
"I got to get back. The people on the site keep climbing! This is huge!"
I should probably know his name.
"Hey what's your name?" I step closer to him.
"Well Lynn, looking at your college records, you are very accomplished. I see no reason why you shouldn't work here."
"Oh that's great Jake thanks."
"You just have to clear the second interview with my boss. The CEO of OPEN CO."
"No one told me about a second interview..." My voice trails.
"Well, since you would be one of the heads of the marketing division. The boss would like to meet you. See if you're the right fit."
"I guess that makes sense."
"Don't worry I'll put in a good word for you." Jake says while closing up my file.
"Does next Tuesday work for you?"
I check my phone.
"Yep. That is perfect."
"Okay great. See Linda on your way out and book your appointment."
*downstairs in the lobby*
"Okay you're all set for Tuesday."
"Thanks Linda see you then." I smile at her.
"Thank you so much Jake! It was great to meet you." I shake his hand.
"Same here. Hope to see you soon."
I give him a big smile as I walk out of the building.
I see Kate waiting for me by the curb.
"So? How was it?"
"Great! I'll tell you all about it. But first I feel like eating pancakes."
She laughs.
"Okay then."
As I get into the car, I see a faint figure on the 14th floor staring out the window.
Staring at me.
We make eye contact for a moment.
I break it.
They turn away from the glass.

No school today! I'm gonna read a bunch of Josh Dun fan fic today lol

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