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Published 9/21/18

Artemis Pov

"Are You alright" he questions me his beautiful eyes full of concern. "Oh yes I was just thinking" I lied to him. " are you going to bring back to mirk wood" whispered. He sighed but kept his eyes on me. "No, we are going to lake town" he told me. I smiled big at him "really" I asked him? He nodded and smiled at me gently which made my heart beat. "We better hurry before the orks reach lake town and hurt more people" I said and started to walk legolas for some reason walked next to me instead of with Tauriel. Soon we took off into a sprint legolas staying next to me. My mind going crazy with thoughts. "Where did you get that bow" legolas asked me as we ran by the river. I froze a little almost causing me to trip."A very special person gave it to me Long ago" I said holding back tears. "What happened to them" he asked? "He forgot" I stated simply quickening my speed. Memories of when legolas gave me the bow fresh in my mind. Soon my tears fell down my face turning into a trail of pearls. I stayed ahead of legolas and Tauriel as I ran along the river. I could feel my heart cracking more the longer I'm with him near. We arrived at lake town after the sun had set. I walked to the water and just when I was about to step foot into the dark water my wrist was grabbed. I look back and saw legolas was the one who had grabbed me. "Don't do anything before Tauriel and I get there. Alright" he stated to me starring into my eyes. I starred back falling deep into his blue eyes that hold my heart captive. I nodded not being able to day a word. "And be careful" he added. My eyes widened a bit this time I made no move. I pulled my wrist away and jumped into the dark cold water. I felt my legs mold together as my tail re appeared. I went back to the surface and turned to the shore seeing legolas was watching me from shore. His eyes held wonder and almost a child like gleam hidden deep within, the same childish gleam he had when he first met me and I him. I dived back under the water swimming towards lake town my bow secured in my hand ready for anything. Once I was under the floating town I went to the surface checking to make sure im not seen. I saw shadows from up above and saw the orks on the roofs. "Oh no" I muttered and pulled myself out drying my tail off as my legs reappeared. I sucking followed the orks forgetting legolas's words. I soon saw one of the dwarfs grabbing some kind of plant as an old came up behind him. Just as the dwarf turned around I jumped pulling out a dagger from my hip. Stopping the orks weapon. The dwarf gasped behind me. "Get out of here" i yelled to him. The dwarf took off. The ork growled at me and used all its strength to push down on me. Cutting my skin just a bit making me bleed. "Well aren't you a pretty one" the ork growled at me. "The lord would love to have you" he gave me a sick smile.

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