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Legolas looked at me his eyes a little bigger than before. Legolas looked away not saying anything. "You do know your father will kill me. don't you" I questioned? this made him freeze in his place. "He will not do that" he said. "Yes he would, if not kill me, sell me for gold or Jewels" I said in a sad voice. "Why would he kill or sell you" he asked? "Because I'm the last of my kind, because my oil is the best and our tears are worth more than gold." I said. "what do you mean your tears are worth more than gold" he questioned? I smile and close my eyes and started remembering kissing Legolas and saying goodbye to him. How my heart breaks as he was falling in love with Tauriel. I felt a tear slide down my cheek. I Open my eyes and looked at the ground and saw a pink pearl laying on the ground. I bend down and picked up the Pearl and put my hand through the cell bars. Legolas had wide eyes and looked shocked at the Pearl. I put the Pearl into his hands. He looked at the Pearl. "This is why I'm the last of my kind men, orks, dwarfs and even some elf's have killed and beat us for our tears and oil" I said. legolas looked at the Pearl and then at me. "if you knew my ada might kill you or sell you then why did you come with me without fighting?" Before I could answer a guard called Legolas. "Lord Legolas The King wishes to see you." The guard said Legolas looked at me then back at the guard. Legolas then started to walk off to where I assume his father was. Then the guard came up to the cage and lifted his arms to his helmet and took it off and then too my shock it was Tauriel. "What are you doing" I ask? "I'm going after the orks and I know what the king will do to you" she said and unlock the door. I looked at her as she gave me my bow and arrows. Then she took off the armor. she still had her a regular clothes underneath. We then snuck out and ran down the river. I could tell I was slowing her down.. "I'm going to hop in the water and so we can go faster" I told her. I jumped in the water and transformed into my real self. I started swimming down the river with Tauriel running on land. We came to a stop. Tauriel then found blood from one of the dwarfs. I hope out of the water and got my legs back. I walk over to Tauriel and exam the blood. "Theirs poison mixed with it. One of the dwarfs is injured very badly if we do not hurry he will no longer be of the world of life." I told her while standing up. (i knew Legolas was following us) Tauriel turned quickly with her bow ready and was pointing at legolas. "I thought you were an ork" she said to legolas who also had his now drawn. "If I was an ork you would be dead" legolas said. I looked away from them my heart hurting with so much pain.I was starring at the river ignoring them. I felt a presence next to me. I looked up and saw legolas looking at me.

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