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Artemis thats my name. Long long ago a young boy gave it to me. He was the crowned elf prince of mirkwood. His name was legolas he was a kind young elf. I saved him from drowning when he was only 10 well looked 10 anyway because since he is an elf so they age slowly he stopped ageing when he looked about 20 or 24. After I saved his life that day he would come to see me each day to learn about me because well you see im a mermaid and I'm the last of my dying race. Me and him grew up together and my feelings for him became one of love. I loved him which was dangerous for me because mermaids can only love once. My heart will turn to stone and stop beating, it will grow old and cold and then it will stop and never start again. My heart will stop if he loves another it will stop if he hates me. One day legolas came to see me by the river, he told me about a young she-elf named Tauriel. He told me about how he had feelings for her. My heart hurt at those words. He had fallen for another. That day I told him I loved him and that I would never forget him. Then I grabbed his face with my hands and kisses him. When I kissed him a tear slid down my cheek, when it hit the ground it turned into a pearl. But I kissed him because I loved him but also when I kissed him I took away every memory of him and myself. I then let go and put my necklace around his neck. It was a green stone with weird markings on it we called it our hearts we give it to the ones we love. I looked at him one last time before jumping back into the water leaving the one I love.

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