Chapter 26

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Jerome's Pov

I woke up to the ground shaking. I looked over to find everyone either falling out of bed still asleep, or trying to avoid falling out of bed wide awake. I grabbed my axe and put it on my back so it wouldn't fall. "What's going on?" I asked.

"It's Entity!" Sky said rushing into the room.

"But we're not ready!" Ty freaked.

"My soldiers only trained for a day before we went into battle, copared to them you guys are masters of combat!" Sky yelled as the noise started to get louder. "Everyone out of the building. If you can fly take someone and go out the window."

Next thing I knew I was grabbed by Jason. We flew out the window and landed in the grass below. Crystal and SB were all ready there. Next came Ty with Huskey. Ssundee followed them. He just jumped out the window and barrel rolled as he hit the ground. The building was started to topple. Mitch came racing out of the building with Seto. Seto used some kind of spell to break his fall. Sky came flying out of the window and he landed beside me and Jason. I don't think I've actually seen him fly. "Get back!" He commanded.

We all backed up as far as we could until we heard the building topple. We looked at it without saying a word. There were other people in there.

"What took you so long?" Seto asked Sky. "You could have gotten seriously hurt."

"I was helping the mortals get out." Sky said. "I teleported them away from the building. Somewhere safe from the wreckage."

I sighed in relief. "What are we going to do now?" I asked. "If we have to battle Entity then what are we going to do? We don't have any potions or-" I stopped as I saw a little girl come over the hill. She had something in her hands.

Everyone seemed puzzled. A man appeared beside the girl, most likely her dad. They started to walk over to us. "Thank you." He said to Sky. "If it weren't for you I might not be standing here."

"It was nothing." Sky said. "Just doing the right thing."

"We know about Entity303." The man said. "We've known for a long time. My people thought he would come after me and as they predicted he did. I'm the mayor of this city."

"I'm Sky and this is my team. Jason, Ty, Jerome, Mitch, Huskey, Ssundee, Seto, Crystal, and SB. We're here to take down Entity." Sky introduced. "Do you know where he is?"

"He's in the heart of the city." The mayor said. "You can't go in there without something to heal you."

The little girl held the potion out toward me. It was a healing potion. I kneeled down and she put it on my hands. "Thank you." I said smiling.

She hid behind the mayor. She must be really shy. "What's our next plan of action?" I asked Sky.

"Crystal and Ty will attack from the air. Jerome you and SB will take the right side while Jason and Huskey bring up from behind and Mitch and Ssundee take the left. Seto and I will face them head on." Sky said. He turned to Ssundee. "Get ready because we might need Derp."

"I don't suppose you'll need some help." We turned around to see Herobrine.

"We could use another brine." Seto said to Sky.

"Fine." Sky sighed. "Just don't go joining Entity's side. I had to stop you once, I don't want to do it again."

"I'll go with Ty and Crystal. I have an idea." Herobrine said.

"I don't supposed that Notch will be joining us, will he?" Seto asked.

"No. He's busy with other things." Herobrine sighed. "He'll just get in the way anyway."

"Don't say that about Notch!" the mayor said. "He saved us all from you once and-"

"And he took the credit for something he didn't do." Sky interrupted. "I defeated Herobrine over 3000 years ago. I just gave Notch the credit since I wouldn't be around."

"Now that that's over with we should get going." I said before anyone else could jump in. "Come on SB."

"Got it fluffy." She replied. We raced off toward the right of the city.

We got there to find almost everything in rubble. I didn't see anyone though. They must have evacuated. I took my axe and held it tight in my hands. I didn't want anything to sneak up on me when my guard's down.

"What do you think we're up against?" SB asked me. "We haven't even seen what Entity looks like let along know what he is."

"We're up against someone who needs to be taken down." I said. "It doesn't matter what or who he is as long as we take him down."

"I guess you're right." She said.

We watched as it started to become darker. It was the morning so why was it getting dark. We looked up to see clouds spreading over the sky. They weren't normal clouds. They were pure black. The fires of the city light up our surroundings. This was going to make it harder.

"Heros! Come battle me if you dare!" That must be Entity. I could here him walked around. "This is not a game of hide and seek so come out and fight me."

I grabbed SB and we ducked behind some rubble. The footsteps were getting closer. SB shifted positions and grabbed an arrow. She aimed it right where we were standing a few seconds ago. If he came that way she would have a clear shot.

I covered my mouth. I was a heavy breather so if he could hear me it could change everything. I started to hear footsteps. I could hear something being dragged behind him. A sword, an axe, a scythe possibly. The footsteps continued to get louder. We had a chance and I didn't plan on screwing it up. Then I heard an explosion.

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