Chapter 11: Mr. Grey and late night visit

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"We didn't change your schedule" the reception lady said handing me my new schedule.

"Then who did?" it really didn't matter, but I couldn't stop wondering. It was all so strange. How could my schedule be changed to classes I didn't even sign up for. I mean media? I don't know anything about that. And P.E. seriously?! I asked not to have that class.

The office lady scrolled down on the computer and had a finger on the screen while trying to find answers.

"Mr. Grey, he came here 14.32 yesterday and asked for a new schedule for you" she told me smiling at me.

"Mr. Grey?" I repeated confused , not recognizing the name. "Should I know who that is?" the principle maybe, but the name just didn't ring a bell. She smiled "he is a student here" she told me.

I grabbed my schedule and went for media class. I had been there before, with Dom. Sadly I remember.

I knocked on the door to the class. "Yes" a deep voice said annoyed from the other side. I opened the door and stepped inside. "Can I help you?" a middle age man spoke annoyed. I didn't feel welcome at all. "I'm Violetta, I have this class now" I told him trying not to be intimidated. Or at least show that I was.

I felt really insecure. The teacher didn't like me, that's for sure. He just rolled his eyes at me "then you're late". I bit my lower lip nervously "I come right from the office, they made a...", "I don't care what excuse you have, you are late and you interrupting my class..." he wasn't done insulting me, but he stopped and looked towards a table in the corner.

I followed his gaze and I recognized the person he was looking at immediately. Dominic. He held tightly onto the end of his desk like he was about to crush it.

The teacher turned to look back at me and looked down like a sign of submission. He changed mood so fast you would think he was mentally disturbed.

"My apology Luna", if he wasn't this crazy I would correct him for mistaking my name, but I think I have done enough already.

He bowed to me "please forgive me" he didn't look at me once saying that. His eyes were glued to the floor.

He must really be sorry, but seriously what's the big deal? "Ok-ay" I just took a step into the class trying to ignore how weird that was! "Please take a seat next to Mr. Grey".

Wait what? Grey? Somehow I knew exactly who Mr. Grey AKA Mr. Dom-ass.

He smiled at me, no, that's a lie, he grinned at me. He has the freaking nerves to laugh at me. His smiled reached his ears.

I turned back to the teacher "Mr....." I didn't get a name or anything. "Rosé" he introduced himself. "Mr. Rosé, I have bad vision, I would like to have a seat in front of the class" I gave him my best smile, award-winning if you ask me. My vision is fine though.

Mr. Rosé looked really puzzled. There were a few empty seats in the front, two to be correct, one in the middle and one in the corner.

There was a boy sitting between the two empty desks. So what's the problem? "Okay" Mr. Rosé clapped his hands "Jake you move to your right, Violetta you sit by the window".

Mr. Rosé kept rambling abut media and a movie and some assignment with some program.

The rest of the classes were quite boring. I didn't ask for these classes, but funny enough Mr. Dom-ass have every class with me, how cute............ In all classes he tried to approach me, and every time I avoided him.

Finally it was lunch time. I spotted Caroline at their table. "Over here" she yelled waving to get my attention. Should I Go?

My phone vibrated in my pocket, I looked at it and saw a message from Kyle: "Hey love, how is everything? Remember I am always here, love Kyle". It said. I read it over and over and over again, I miss him so much.

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