Chaper 8: Dinner

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We didn't even reach the door before it opened revealing Caroline and an old man behind it.

The man looked like a native american in his clothes, what got my attention was his completely crystal blue eyes, just like Chris. Was that moms boyfriend? He looks way older than Kyle, 20 years plus minus. And is Caroline his daughter and my new stepsister? So many questions to ask, but I wanted them to tell me and not the other way around.

"Linda, long time no see" the old man said showing no feelings. Maybe it was her boyfriend's dad? That would make more sense.

As he came stepped forward mom bend down for him like he was a royal or so "may I introduce you to my daughter Violetta" she had the same empty voice like him, no feelings to show. The old man gave a small nod my way like saying he welcomed me. "She is her fathers daughter" he said showing a tiny smile.

Caroline ran to me smiling big time and grabbed my arm and dragged me inside. As we entered the house, I noticed we were far from alone. People were everywhere sitting and chatting. I recognized some of them from school, as I looked around I saw that everyone from our table at lunch from school were here. None from the other table.

All the young people my age were seated at one table by themselves. Caroline, Hayley, Chad, Chris, a guy named Cameron and a girl named Amy and now, myself. Mom and the other 'old' people laughed out loud and cheered about the smallest things.

The old man who I thought was moms boyfriend stood up and all chattering came to a stop, he had everyones attention. As we looked at him he fake coughed to get attention, but he already had it? "We are joined on this half-moon to invite our dearest Omega, Linda back, and the beautiful daughter of our very own Omega family. Welcome back". Wait pack? I snapped out of his speech and looked at mom who smiled up at the old man with so much happiness. She has been here before. He just said so.

I dropped back to reality, "our Omega will soon return along with our Alpha to a bright full-moon" he raised his glass and everyone cheered and raised their glass and took a sip.

As the evening went by the guests all came over and put a hand on my shoulder whenever they crossed, telling me it's good I am back. Have I been here before?

Caroline leaned over the table towards me "smile, you look like a depressed cat" she joked smiling. I sat up straight and tried to seem more welcoming which is hard because my life sucks currently.

I returned her smile and looked towards the old man who finally took a seat. Mom captured my attention and smiled cheering while her eyes were locked on mine. 'Liar' I yelled in my head, but nothing crossed my lips.

Different meals were served in a big buffet and we automatically lined up for dinner. Chad smiled friendly at me, that was new. He stood right behind me and looked like he was in deep thought for some reason. After a few minutes he broke the awkward silence.

"What do you think about Windfalls?".  I prefer home, but I could not possibly tell him that. So instead I just smiled a bit "I like being here" I lied. His eyes closed slightly while he studied me "you miss your friends?" he asked or concluded. I nodded, that was part of the reason why I hate it here. Chad nodded in response like he understood. "It seems like you and Caroline are getting close" he smiled. This smalltalk could kill someone - it is just awkward! I nodded "I like her". He smiled big time and it was our turn to fill the plates. Thank god! I got Lasagna, salad and bread and a soda. Everything a girl could dream of.

As I got back I noticed that everyone except from me was drinking alcohol, Caroline noticed that as well amd one thing i know about caroline already is that sne needs to speak up what's on her mind. "Soda? Are you on some strange no alcohol cure?" she joked. Hayley poked her in the side making Caroline jump. Caroline looked suddenly embarrassed "oh I am so sorry, I didn't mean it like that, I am just curios...". I stopped her "I just don't drink today, it's not like I don't at all" I told her. I looked down on my soda. Emotions filled my heart. I couldn't tell them the true reason yet, if I could then I never would tell them.

I looked to the side to find a distraction from my poor mind. I caught sight of my mom who looked at me with sorrow pleading at me. She obviously heard us talking. The rest of the night ran by fast, my table with the young people decided to have a game called Cactus. I didn't get the game so I just stood over and watched them play. Mom and all the adults went outside.

Chris sat down beside me "you can be on my team" he offered nicely, I shook my head no "I seriously suck at card-games, besides I enjoy watching Chad loose" I laughed at Chad. Chad glared back at me and all the others just laughed out loud. "I don't lose, ever" he said firmly as it was a fact. Caroline put a hand on his chest "yes you do", everybody laughed at that. Chad's face was so shocked, it was hilarious. Caroline looked at me "you are so not like your father", wait - what did you just say? "You know him?" I asked. She already told me that, but even I don't remember him. How would she? Unless he was here, all the freaking time.

She lighted up smiling "everybody does" she answered in a duh tone. "They do?" so many questions and that's what I came up with, way to go Mel... "sure, It is a small town, everyone is close".

My jaw dropped as mom entered along with the others in that exact moment. "What do you mean? does he lives here?" I asked more confused than ever. They all looked pretty confused at me, a girl asking a lot of questions about her dad she hasn't seen or heard from since she was a kid, it really isn't that strange to ask.

Chris, Caroline, Chad, Hayley, Cameron and Amy all stared confused at me. Chad bended over to me "you didn't know?" he whispered confused. I shook my head no and didn't feel like staying around looking like a fool. I got up on my feet and walked over to the front door.

The old man that invited us in grabbed my hand gently "leaving so fast Luna?" he asked. I nodded "I have homework to do, but it has been a pleasure meeting you" I lied. Mom stood by my side in seconds "no you can't honey, there is coming a guest later that I really want you to meet" she was so guilty. "I don't want to be late on my homework" I said annoyed and got out of the house and started running to the main road. I tried to picture the road home, and ran the direction I thought was right.

Mom found dad again and they wanted a happy family together. Is that what is happening? for sure it is going to be without me. It was cold and dark, near midnight I guess... My head was spinning. My real biological dad was here. Mom lied to me. Kyle is at home and Matthew... A teardrop wetted my shirt, I didn't even notice I was crying before now.

I walked around for an hour probably two, maybe I was wandering in circles, I had no idea. Maybe not the best idea to walk alone in a new town in the middle of the night. I found myself standing in the middle of the tight forest. I must completely have forgotten to watch where I was heading.

If only I had a GPS, oh wait... I do. I looked down at my pocket, no phone. I sighed annoyed, just what I needed. I stamped in the ground and yelled annoyed "can this possibly get any worse?". Just as I say the last word a bunch of birds took off causing me to jump panicked around to see the black figures fly away in the night making loud scratchy noises.

A twig breaks from the ground and my eyes are glued to the exact same bush as the birds just took off from. My heart is racing, my hands are sweaty and I start to pant for air. Another twig broke, I found myself walking backwards. "Run" I yelled in my head, but my legs and brain was not communicating at all.

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