No More Nice From Me

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(Your PoV)

"No no no no. This cant happen. Noooo Mom u cant leave." I screamed.
"Hey. Hey Y/N... You have to do it. You have to grab your gun and do it. Okay you have to be strong in this world okay. Now baby please dont let me suffer." She tried to say as she slowly died. I did as i was told. I held my mother's head on my lap as i pulled my silver 45 off the ground. Tears running down my face. She was all i had left.
"I love you mom..." I whimpered.
and she was gone. She was weak, she was bit, I had too.
  (Time skip to a few year)
Walking and killing walkers is all ive been doing. Not coming across anyone or anything. No more food, no more water, no more people to keep me safe. I have been here all alone since that day. It huants me every night, everyday, every hour, every minute, and every second of the day. I haven't seen anyone since the last group I was in. Every where I go it falls apart. Did I mention that I don't even know where or if my older brother, Glenn, is dead or alive. I dont know where he is. I don't even know where I am.
I swiftly turned hoping it was a deer but no it was a walker. I took my knife out and swung it at the dead. It fell and I kept walking. Thats all I did anyways.
I turned around again. Hopping it was a dead one, I turned slowly only to see a person. The person that Ive lived through this whole hell for. It was Glenn...

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