Chapter 4: Leaving behind

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- One week later -

I lay awake staring at the alarm at my bed. 6.48 it said, still 12 minutes till I was supposed to get out of bed. I turned in bed with a loud sigh, why can I not just sleep like any other normal person. The last week, ever since I visited that school I had problems with sleeping, it was the same dream that in the end left me without much sleep.

I was in this clearing surrounded by a dark forest. Paws steps into the light of the glade and this huge dog - no - wolf with thick caramel colored fur comes out into the light. Its head was above mine, it was bigger than any dog I have ever seen. Bigger than me. It comes towards me and I can hear its thoughts, 'you belong with me'. I say no try to get away, 'don't fight it, destiny will bring us together' - and with that i wake up... same dream every night. Only today i dreamed some more.

I run as fast as I can and get home. I don't know why I call it home, because it isn't, but in my dream it is home. I lock the door behind me, just to turn around and see my mom smile at me "don't be afraid, it's meant to be" and then she push me away and opens the door and let the wolf come in. I protest and yell at her and try to get away. But the wolf won't let me as I turn towards the door to escape a hand is put on my shoulder and forces me to turn, and there is this guy.

He has this shaggy blonde hair and green outstanding eyes, he has a model face, so sharp and beautiful, he is wearing no shirt, his trained muscular body is pressed against mine. The wolf is gone, mom just smiles at me and then him and then leaves the room. I try to scream and struggle against this wall of muscles that's holding me pinned towards the wall. "Mate" he says demanding, I shake my head no, he smiles "mine and only mine, one day my love, you will understand" and just then I wake up.

I wonder how I can feel so connected to a person that only exists in my dreams. I can't help but feel as if I know him. I can't remember the face as soon as i wake up. Only his hair and eyes... maybe i just made him up in my dream.

It isn't the first time i dream about wolves. I actually have been having dreams like this for a long time. First time I dreamed about the wolf was on my seventeenth birthday. That's nearly a year ago now. But i still keep having these dreams about this wolf. nd the past week it has not only been dreams about the wolf but the same exact dream over and over again.

I got out of bed and turned the alarm off. I got into the warm shower, the last one here... I can't smile today knowing that today was my last day here. My mom and stepdad got separated, god knows why, they always loved each other and never really argued or anything.

Kyle stays in the house, while mom and I leaves for some pretty little village she found which is hours away from here.

I suggested the nearby city, where she even works. But she already decided, Windfalls it was to be.  Her explanation: "it has been longing for us".

I just rolled my eyes at her and tried to find answers to why it had to be that city - she never mentioned it before. Apparently she knows someone who lives there. Where she knew the person from she had no answers to. I knew the reason, a man. She is hooked on someone. That is why they separated so suddenly, it has to be the reason.

But leaving Matthew behind? How can she even think of that? I even spoke to Matthew about this moving, honestly I thought he would say everything was going to be alright and that he would visit me, since he is a vampire and all. But to my confusion he didn't, something about a treaty. I don't get how a vampire can get denied access, but it seems to be possible. I will miss him every day. Even though he can't visit, we will still be the same.  I will be visiting him, and he will be visiting me - getting as close as possible.

The hot water hit my cold skin, I loved it, I ran my fingers through my hair and closed my eyes enjoying the last time here. I turned off the water and stepped out covering myself with a towel.

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