Chapter 3: Dominic

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"You will all be attached to a student from here, who you will follow around, the student will be  your adviser and friend and are you having problems with that person you contact your teacher and then you will be given another one" Rex spoke.

Many students approached us from all directions. Rex held up a paper and read two names, the name of one of us and the name of one of the students here and then they took off. "Violetta meet your adviser..." Rex was interrupted by Dom, who leaned in and whispered to him. Rex glared at me "Dominic" he said and went on with the list.

Dominic came to my side, "hello Violetta" he smiled widely. Our eyes met. I found myself staring into his forestgreen eyes. "Like what you see?" he smirked obviously liking me checking him out. I rolled my eyes and looked away "you wish". He smiled flirtingly at me "I do" he had no shame at all. I just ignored him.

He let me into one classroom always having one hand on me. He was touching my shoulder, my hand, my arm, my back or my neck, like he was afraid I got lost.

I tried to push his hands off me of course, but with no luck. He always sneaked them back on, but it wasn't dirty touching. It was just a reassuring touch making sure I didn't get lost, so I didn't mind it that much.

All eyes were on him as we entered the room. He must be pretty popular and he isn't bad looking so it kind of makes sense. We sat down at a table for four. Angela and Rex came in, they looked annoyed with each other but placed themselves right beside us, so that Angela and I was beside each other. A few others from our class were also in this class.

Media. I've never had that class before. Dominic moved closer, so that we both were sitting at my table, only inches separated our bodies.
While the teacher introduced us to our given assignment, I felt Dominic look at me. I had a hard time concentrating on what the teacher said with his eyes locked to my lips.

Nothing really happened. I was stuck with Dominic and even though I tried to get away and meet my friends, he just followed.
Luckily school was over now. I was about to step into the bus when a hand was placed on my shoulder making me turn, and there stood Dominic, "bye" I said a bit annoyed and tried to turn again, "no goodbye, goodbye is forever, I'll see you soon" he said and walked away. Is he always this mysterious?

We drove back and I ended up home in the sofa and a bag of popcorn watching vampire diaries. They were just entertaining now, I got my own vampire, my very own Matthew and I knew how the entire vampire thing works. The entire no sun thing, that's just a myth. Matthew doesn't sleep. He is stronger and faster than any human-being. He can read minds, but not all your thoughts - it takes a lot of energy to do so.

He can't read my mind. That's what makes me special, I feel like Bella from Twilight. But it's great, my thoughts are nasty he doesn't want to hear them for sure.

My phone vibrated, I didn't hesitate a second to look at it. 1 new message from Matthew: "your room" was all it said.
I got up from the couch and headed to my room upstairs. Was he there? No, empty, like I thought it would be, but as I walked into the room an envelope lying on the bed caught my attention. My eyes ran over the old material, the vampire symbol looked like a snake with a black r on the top on a red thick substance, looking like something from an old movie. I opened the letter:

"My dear beloved

Stay safe my love, and if anything bothers you, come to me. I will always be by your side. Soon my love I will return, I hope with all of my heart that everything is going well, I can't wait to hear about the events that occurred in my absence, or hear your voice and hold you in my arms where you belong


My smile reached my ears, I couldn't help but let myself fall down on the bed, feeling butterflies everywhere. I felt as if I was on some drug, but I knew It was just the reaction off my heart, knowing that I melted his dead heart. Melting a warm heart is hard enough, but I came across a dead heart and made it warm up.

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