Chapter 32

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Connie was still away and Sam was finding it increasingly hard to not call her. Normally he'd have spoken to her, even if it were just a simple message. It was strange for him to realise how odd it was without Connie around. He had assumed it would be easy, just like it was before any of this started.

As he sat in the drivers seat of his car outside his home, he rest his head back against the headrest thinking. Connie was away with Greg to clear her head and work out what it was she really wanted, yet all Sam could do was think about her and hope that her weekend didn't work out as she wanted to. He knew it was selfish but it was only now he realised just how much he wanted her.

Glancing up at the flats beside him, he sighed knowing Emma was inside. He wanted anything but to walk up there to her. Ending it with her was the only thing he could, there was nothing there anymore, at least not from his end. She wasn't what he wanted, she wasn't Connie.

Sam picked his phone up, hesitating over her name before closing his messages and getting out of the car slowly. He was in no rush to get upstairs, it seemed he was never in a rush to go anywhere unless it was to see Connie but it was all soon to change.

He unlocked the front door walking into an almost silent house. If it wasn't for the radio in the kitchen there would be no evidence of anyone being in. Closing the door, he made sure to make some noise so as to alert Emma he was back. Still there was nothing as he wandered further inside, dropping his keys to the table before peering into the living room.

Frowning when he saw nobody there he moved into the kitchen to make himself a drink. Switching the kettle on he stared at the wall ahead of himself becoming distracted, not hearing anyone enter the room behind him. He jumped as he felt her arms around his waist, unaware of her having been there.

"Hey, I thought you were meant to have been back hours ago." "Uh- Yeah, work was busy, sorry. I got held up." He lied feeling her arms loosen around him causing him to glance back at her. "You've been distant lately, is everything okay?" Sam sighed letting his head fall for a moment before turning around.

Emma stood a short distance away from him as he forced a small smile. "Everything's fine, why wouldn't it be?" She shrugged watching him as he stepped closer moving an arm around her waist loosely as he pressed a kiss to the top of her head. "I'm just going to change, get out of these clothes." "Okay..."

With Sam out of the room she moved to sit down fiddling with her thumbs trying to work out how to tell him. He sat on the end of the bed dropping his head into his hands. The perfect opportunity to say something and he continued to lie. Looking to his phone again, he pulled up the pictures he had, scrolling through all the images of himself with Emma.

There was clearly a time that he had loved her, a time when he thought they could genuinely have a future together and god only knows where they could have ended up. Going through them slowly his smile continued to grow before he came to something else. He stopped on the image of Connie sitting in the middle of the bed dressed in baggy clothes with her hair thrown up messily. An embarrassed smile on her face as she refused to look at him.

Sam stared at the image for a while before continuing on through his photos slowly. Photos from the consultants ball bought a fresh smile to his face. An image of the department, Connie stood encased by Greg as they all smiled fondly. He sighed as reality hit hard again before he moved to the next image. It was that one that caught his eye. Sam's arms were around her waist as she lay a hand against his chest, her face contorted with laughter as he watched her. Something about the way they were naturally standing out to him.

As he continued to look through his phone there were a few more photos of himself with Connie at various points. She shied away from the camera, always did. He could never quite understand why, but for some reason it made the photos he did have even more special to him. Lifting his head he saw Emma standing in the door way watching him.

"You've been ages..." Sam smiled slightly nodding for her to come over. She sat beside him as he turned to face her. "Look, Emma... This, us... It isn't right anymore. There was a point where I really thought that this was it. This was everything I had been waiting for, but lately-" "Sam." He shook his head stopping her as he took hold of her hand gently. "I think it's best if we-" "I'm pregnant."

Stopped in his tracks he watched her, stunned by the words that had left her lips. He'd always pictured this moment, dreamt of it almost but not quite like this. "I didn't want to tell you like this-" "You're pregnant?" Emma nodded as she dropped her eyes to look at her lap. Unsure of how to react he stood up and wandered back and forth across the room.

Emma watched him not sure of his reaction. "Say something..." Looking to her he dropped his hand from his mouth as though the words had finally hit him. "You're pregnant? I'm going to be a father?" Emma smile a little as she stood up before Sam rushed forwards to her enveloping her in a hug. She released a sigh of relief as she held onto him tightly. "You're happy?"

Sam stepped backwards from her as he lifted his hands to her face. "All I've ever wanted is to be a dad, to have a family." "But what you said-" "We can do this... We will do this." He caressed her cheeks as she smiled, the unshed tears falling as she stepped back into his chest, Sam quickly encasing her in a hug. His previous thoughts dispersed in the moment as he thought back to the images of the future that he had once pictured with her. Maybe it would be possible.

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