Chapter 1: Matthew Waxton

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Matthew Waxton is the mysterious guy, the romantic one. The one who says all the right things at the right time. He is the gentleman you only can dream of. He is loved by everyone. The girls wants to date him. The guys wants to be him. The teachers thinks he is an excellent student. That Matthew Waxton, happens to be my boyfriend.

My mom never approved him, so we stayed low profile for her sake. Just until she is comfortable with the fact that her little girl - that would be me, found the prince of her dreams - That would be Matthew. But Kyle on the other hand, my stepfather, he likes Matthew a lot.

- In school -

Biology class has never been more boring than it is now. Since Jenna, our loved teacher, stopped the substitute Mr. Romulus took complete control, and he is a pain in the a##.

"...which causes the bacteria to split and duplicate itself" he finished with a proud smile. Why did he even bother having a speech in the last class of the day. After lunch break no one pays attention in class, the class is like a zoo, some sleeps, some is hanging in the curtains. But even though no one really showed interest for what he was talking about, he still smiled like it was the best thing that ever happened to him. Yay bacteria!

Matthew placed a hand on my lap under the table for no one to see. We really do try to keep a low profile, but we are barely able to keep our hands to ourselves so it is hard. Slowly he leaned closer to whisper in my ear "how about a milkshake after school?" he whispered and gave me the famous cocky smile that I can't resist, and he knows that.

I nodded "you're the best" I placed my hand on his. He smiled at me and looked up at Mr. Romulus like he was listening, if he really was I don't know, but he looked like he was. Unlike me who didn't even bother to try look interested in his bacteria speech.

Matthew and I have been dating for 3 months, actually ever since we moved here. After two weeks of being the new girl in school we became official, but since our very first meeting he has been flirting with me like it was meant to be. To me it feels like we are meant to be. I have never felt this way about anyone before.

Class ended. I stood up with Matthew by my side. "Remember the bus leaves from the parking lot at 9, be there in good time" Mr. Romulus told raising a finger to point out the importance in his words. I nearly forgot, tomorrow we are going to visit a college.

Matthew grabbed my hand and followed me out of class. As we walked through the hallway, we got the usual stares. Even my friends are jealous of me dating him, and that goes for the taken ones too. He is simply the hottest and the sweetest guy in school. He is taken straight out of a romantic book.

As we reached his car, a black sports car. He held the door open for me and let me take a seat and afterwards closed the door for me. Once upon a time he even locked my seatbelt. He is a guy who always puts me first.

He got into the driver seat and took off. "Are you okay?" he asked pulling me out of my thoughts, I shook my head shaking it off and smiled at him "yea, sorry, I was in my own little world" I apologized, he chuckled "I noticed".

He turned to face me while driving "I've heard of a great place, bon appetite, have you been there?" he asked. I tried not to smile too much, that was MY place. "A few times" I answered, if a few times means once a week for the last many months - then yes, i have been there a few times.

He smiled widely and before I knew it we pulled up to my favorite café, 'Bon Appetit', a small café, pretty unnoticed, but they for sure makes the best milkshakes EVER.

We entered the small café. Matthew led me to a small table for two, he pulled the chair out for me. I sat down and saw him smile down at me. He placed himself across from me and waved nicely at the young waiter.

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