Chapter 9

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"According to my research, each team has some pretty tricky tactics. Nothing we can't handle though. If we want to make this easy on ourselves, we want to avoid these teams." Kisai explained, picking out four photos I had taken at the 301 exam room. The first was of the Sound nin that attacked Kabuto, then there was another sound team with a ninja with long black hair and purple waist ties. The third was Gaara's team, and the last was a team with two people in black cloaks and one with a white one.

"Hey, I sat next to that one for the written exam." I said, pointing to the one in the white cloak.
"That team was particularly interesting to me. I couldn't find anything on them." Kisai said. I raised my eyebrows.

"They have no team name, no headbands, and no village has those kinds of cloaks as their usual get ups." Suji said. I crossed my arms and stared at the picture. That is odd. I shook my head and ignored it.

"Anyways. We have a Heaven Scroll, so we need to find an Earth Scroll. Any ideas who has one?" I ask.

"Why, of course I do. Who do you take me for-- Kabuto?" Kisai responded, adjusting her glasses. Suji and I chuckle.

"Alright, point taken. So who's out target?" I asked. Kisai picked up the remaining photos and shuffled through them.

"Well that depends… do you want a challenge or not?" Kisai asks. I scoff.

"Who do you take me for-- Naruto?" I mock slightly. "There's no such thing a challenge for a thief." I smirk. Kisai adjusts her glasses and writes something down in her notebook.

"Alright then, here is your target." She said, picking out a card and setting it below the previous photos. On the picture is a man with a jagged scar over the right side of his face. Another thick scar ran all the way down his arm, the look of it suggested the two scars were one of the same. His eyes were cold, but blank, and he had a scowl on his face. I remembered from the exam room that he walked with a heavy clumsiness; each step sent a bass resounding in the ground. I knew he was a brute, physically strong but strategically weak. The two others on his team were small, not as strong, but lithe and agile. As long as I stole the scroll unnoticed, I'd be fine. If I didn't… I may find myself biting what I said earlier.

"Alright." I said, despite the doubts and worries in my head. "Where do you suppose they are?"
"The gate to the 44th Training Zone they picked is closest to a small Fog Swamp obstacle. They're either stuck in it, or hiding in it. I'll leave you to find out which one has the scroll, Miss No Challenge. Don't worry, you'll have a camera on your person so we can make sure you don't die." Kisai briefed me. I smirked and nodded, standing up. "Later." I said, stepping out of the Safe House. I looked at the map Kisai gave me and checked where the target was. Not far.

I climbed a tree and jumped the branches to my destination, stealthily avoiding any other teams. That is, until a certain team was directly in my way. They were working with another team and they were patrolling this area. I glared and ducked behind a rock. I listened closely as one of them walked over to the rock casually and leaned against it. I smirked and reached in my pocket, pulling out and putting on some leather gloves. I reached up and clamped my gloved hand over the ninja's mouth and pulled him to the ground on the other side of the rock, suffocating him to unconsciousness. I looked over and saw the next closest ninja who was next to a tree. I quickly got to him and hit his pressure point, catching him as he fell and silently putting him on the ground. The third ninja turned and noticed me. "Hey!" I ran to her before she could sound an alarm and entered combat. I punched her, but she grabbed my wrist before I could pull back. She pulled back her fist for her own hit, but before it landed I ducked and spun to the side, crashing my elbow to the back of her neck. She collapsed with a dull thud. I took in a deep breath and shrugged out my shoulders, looking for their scroll just in case. It was a Heaven Scroll. Damn. I continued to the Fog Swamp.

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