Into You ~ Part 14 {Jackson FF}

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"Different people awaken different beast in you."

Summary: Jackson the guy who's known to get around is not the type to stick to relationships. But will happen when he falls for one specific girl? Read to find out what happens.



"No save that bullshit. What did I ever do wrong? Are you bored that you came into my life just to fucking hurt me? I'm not a game. If your goal was to hurt me, congratulations because you hurt me quite a lot. I don't even understand why the hell I like you so much... And what hurts more is I don't think I could ever stop liking you... Just leave me alone... I think you already done enough," You said taking one last look at him in disgust and opened your dorm door.

Before you could step in you could feel Jackson grab your hand.

"Wa-" you cut him off by removing his hand and closing the door in his face.

You leaned against the door hearing him knock again but you slid down and began to cry. Your roommate walked up to you and hugged you.

You're better off being alone then being with the wrong person...


(Listen to If You Do by Got7 while reading this!! Ah)

8 days

8 days since you last spoke to Jackson...

It was the hardest 8 days to be honest...

Day 1: You spent your time in your dorm room in sweats and t-shirt laying down in bed tossing and turning trying to stop thinking about Jackson.... But that clearly didn't happen. No matter how much you tried to think of everything else but Jackson... It didn't seem to work.

Day 2: Jaebum joined you in your dorm trying to cheer you up and keep your mind off of Jackson but that failed. Jackson kept appearing in your head again and again. It wasn't Jaebum's fault but your own.

Day 3: You were getting sick of moping around so you got yourself cleaned up and tried to go off for a walk but you seen Jackson and it crushed you. However he didn't approach you, so that was good.

Day 4: You were getting better. Kind of.. You went to class and went back to the dorm did your homework keeping your mind busy for a bit, however Jackson appeared in your mind here and there.

Day 5: For some reason day five hit you hard. You noticed after the talk with Jackson he didn't bother talking to you, which hurt you even more. He didn't seem to care about you at all since he's not trying to fix it... You weren't to forgive Jackson but it still would of made you feel better to see that Jackson really did want you apart of his life..

Day 6: Jaebum took you to an abandoned house and let you smash everything out of hurt and anger and let you talk about how you felt, it felt good to release the anger and that hurt you had build inside you.

Day 7: Jackson was in your mind, but not as much like in the first couple of days. You began to do your usual routine which was go to class and do homework and began to associate with others a bit more than before.

Day 8: At last you felt sort of better. Jackson was in your mind but you were able to think of something else as soon as Jackson appeared in your mind. Today was the day you were going to try to move on and accept what happened has happened. You were going to try to go out with friends and have fun.


Jackson's Point of View

8 days since I haven't spoken to her...

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