Chapter 31

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The same day Connie walked through the empty cabin seeing Greg already sat outside on the porch. She watched him as she had earlier that day, a fresh view on things as she found her mind clear of conflicting thoughts.

Continuing on outside, he glanced up to see her wearing a short black night dress holding out a bottle to him. "Thank you... Wow-" "What?" Connie watched as he shook his head placing the bottle down before pulling her onto the swing beside him. She sunk into the cushions before leaning into his side keeping her glass up so it didn't spill. "You look incredible."

He pressed a kiss to her hair as she closed her eyes focusing on him. Turning her head looking up to him she smiled meeting his lips gently. "I love you." Greg smiled lifting a hand to her cheek caressing it gently. "I've missed you lately, you never seem to be around." Connie nodded dropping her eyes feeling the guilt rise.

Greg watched her as the sun glazed over her skin casting it in a golden glow. "Maybe we should make sure we get away like this a little more?" Connie looked up at him nodding gently as his hand moved down to rest against her neck. "And I love you too." She smiled as he kissed her forehead before reaching forwards for his drink once again.

Leaning back Connie lifted her legs resting them across his lap as they swung gently back and forth in the light breeze. The sky was alight with red's, pink's and orange's as the water reflected the bright sunset. Greg trailed a hand across her thigh as she lay watching him. He looked off into the distance while she sat thinking about everything. Something did need to happen to stop everything that was going on, and it was suddenly dawning on her what that needed to be.

Connie looked off towards the lake as the sun slowly began to sink in the sky. Greg turned to her watching her much like he had this morning as they watched the same day break. He counted himself lucky to have her, he was determined to make this work, to keep hold of her this time.

Connie swung her legs off of his lap as she got up turning the heater on in the corner of the porch beside them. Lighting the logs she stepped back to see Greg watching her. "You cold? We could go inside." She shook her head stepping back towards him returning to her prior position. He rest his hand to her thigh again, pushing higher this time until his fingertips met with the material of her dress.

She released a content breath as she rolled her head to the side gazing off into the distance again. "Do you believe in happy ever after's?" Greg frowned keeping his eyes on her as she kept her eyes away from him. "Hey, has something happened?" "No... I mean I just, do you ever wander if you're supposed to be happy or if you're just meant to carry on as you always have."

He took her hand causing her to turn back to him. "Talk to me-" "I slept with Sam." Greg fell quiet unsure how to respond. "Well... Not quite what I thought was on your mind." "I was angry at you at first and pushed him away too, but then I forgave you and I also let him affect me... I wish I hadn't but I had and now I wander if it's all too late."

She was surprised when she realised his hand was still entwined with hers. "Constance Beauchamp... I think that we've both made some mistakes, things we wish we had never started. I just don't understand why you're telling me all of this now-" "Because if we're going to move on with our lives, then I needed you to know."

Greg let a small smile pass his lips about to talk before Connie stunned him. "I want you to move in with me Greg." There it was. The thing she needed to finally move on from whatever stage she was at in her life now moving between both men. "You want me to move in?" Sitting up she bent her knees, his hand still placed to her thigh. "I want that more than anything."

His smile widened as though what she had said was only now sinking in. "Yes, god of course I will." She smiled moving forwards, kneeling beside him as she kissed him deeply. His hands wrapped around her waist as he lifted her up to straddle his waist. Connie draped her arms around his neck as his fell to the bare skin of her thighs.

Breaking from her lips he looked to her. "You really want this?" She placed her hands either side of his face as she smiled. "I've never wanted anything else more than I want this. Who knows, maybe this way you'll get that extra time with me that you wanted." He laughed wrapping his arms around her as she hugged herself into his chest. "I love you, I really love you." Greg smiled kissing the top of her head as he mumbled. "You're nothing short of incredible Beauchamp."

Sitting back up she flicked her hair down her back as she watched him with a smirk. "So... You still want to sit outside?" Folding her arms against her chest she arched a brow. "What else would I want to do?" He matched her expression before seeing the hint of a smile at the corners of her lips. "You can infuriate me-" "Ooh, you think this is bad wait until you live with me." "I can't wait..."

Laughing she wrapped an arm around him as he picked her up wandering back in towards the bedroom. The following day was spent in much the same fashion, lounging around the cabin as they enjoyed the serenity it provided. Vowing to make more time for weekends like this they contently left the following evening. Returning to Holby, Connie felt surprisingly light, her head free of any thoughts.

Greg were to begin moving his things into hers by the end of the next week and then maybe she really could move on with him. All she had to do was tell Sam.

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