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Helena | Adam

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Helena | Adam

Is there really no way you could track him down for me?

I'm surprised you haven't pawned the phone already. I probably would've.

And nope. When my brother falls off the grid, he's good at making sure he can't be found.

Oh my God, who is this guy? He sounds like he'd be in some biker gang, or just, you know, my sister's boyfriend.

Mysteriously disappearing is his specialty.

No offense.

None taken.

And you're close. The last time we spoke, he was high and trying to convince me of all the reasons why I should cover his monthly rent.

Landlords these days are vicious. It's a case of pay up or die, you see.

That could be it. Hopefully he's keeping a low profile then. Or maybe there's a top secret spy mission involved and that explains why he rarely calls.

Please tell me you don't use that line to comfort your sister.

No dice?


Duly noted.

How old is your sister's boyfriend? He must still be part child, part teenager. Some free advice, it's best to avoid high school guys. Take it from me.

I didn't realize you moonlighted as a dating helpline. Lucky me.

He's nineteen, which means I just debunked your theory, haha. I hope your life's work isn't to analyze why guys act the way they do, because you kind of suck at it.

Feel free to take offense this time.

I'll have you know that there's a second part of my theory.

        I knew I should've probably tucked the phone away, put a stop to this, but our conversation was so easygoing and fun. Nothing in my life felt easygoing or fun anymore. Depressing, I know, but true. So far, my twenties weren't all they were cracked up to be.

        Vowing not to overthink it, I tapped out and sent: There usually is.

How old is your sister? She's clearly too young to know better.

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