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@rosaimee is the author of 'Ardith' - a vampire/historical fiction novel. She is also very helpful with critiques and gives great advice. You can check out her book by clicking on the external link!

Enjoy !


1. What do they call you?

A. My full name is Rosa Aimeé Irizarry Díaz. Closer friends and relatives call me Aimeé. Others, Rosa. At work Im Irizarry.

2. For how long have you been writing?

A. I used to write poetry when I was a teenager, but I'm writing prose for six months.

3. Which part of writing a story, do you enjoy the most? (Creating characters, the plot and the subplots, the beginning/ending or the middle)

A. I love to build descriptions. I want the reader to perfectly picture the scenery in my works. I also enjoy characterizations, specially through the characters thoughts and behavior rather than dialogues. I want my characters to have their own criteria.

4. Have you faced any embarrassing moments, in terms of writing?

A. Not at all... Maybe in a few years I'll tell you. Everything is new to me in this world and I'm enjoying all of this experience.

5. Which is your favorite color? Have you made any reference to it in your story/stories?

A. My favorite color is purple. I haven't made any reference of this color in none of my works. I'd included green, white, red and black instead as a symbolism or a metaphorical allusion to my characters personality.

6. Out of the stories you have written on Wattpad, which is the most memorable one?

A. The one I treasure more, sentimentally speaking, is the first one I wrote, The Maiden's Song because it was the first one. However, my favorite one is Martha. It's unedited, but it was so much fun to write it.

7. Are you planning on publishing soon?

A. Oh no! I don't think Im that good to publish a book. I'm still in the learning phase, and it's a long path to travel for me to be the quality of writer to publish a book.

8. Which is your favorite book/series on Wattpad?

A. There are a few of them: in Spanish, Forgotten (Clau125), La Sombra Roja (Santiago Peraya) and Suero Ilusionado (Baragund); in English The Healer's Fate, The Faery Vow, The Windcaster, Tales of Calradia and the Robber Knight.

9. What kind of help do you provide - critiques, free advice or editing?

A. I sincerely think I'll go after the emotional aspect. I'd been requested to read lots of teen fic and fan fic (not my favorite), since Im a teacher I point the flaws, mostly in terms of descriptions and the narration pace. I believe grammar is something that can be fixed if the writer get to read lots of books. So I suggest to stick with the classics and I encourage to keep writing to all my friends here that ask me for help. I'm not perfect, I ask for help too.

10. Which author do you idolize (off Wattpad)?

A. Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Miguel de Unamuno, Julia de Burgos, Isabel Allende, Antonio Machado, Edgard Allan Poe, Walt Whitman, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Louis Carroll, Luisa M Alcott, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Jane Austen... yeah, Bring all the classics!

11. If you were a newbie, which part of the story would you focus on most?

A. I'm a newbie!!!!!!!! My main goal right now is to grow as a writer and share my stories.

12. Which is your favorite character (off Wattpad) ?

A. Aluce Lidell (Alice in Wonderland).

13. If you were given a choice to become one character (of your story posted on Wattpad) which one would you be and why?

A. Amalthea de Albis (The Maiden's Song) or Martha Higgins (Marha).

14. Do you prefer dark romance or the usual?

A. The usual, more romantic comedy or romance in historical fiction.

15. Where do you look for your inspiration?

A. Nature, poetry and music.

16. What’s your favorite TV show?

A. NCIS, House Hunters International.

17. Do you prefer more reads, votes or comments?

A. Critiques!

18. Imagine the world is collapsing around you, what would you choose to save – technology or books?

A. I hope that never happens... Ever!!! Bring all of them to my house and hire an army to guard them... Maybe I could scan all the classics and save them in digital format.

19. What is the best advice you have given and received?

A. Enjoy what I do and to keep doing what I was doing in terms of my writing because I was on the right track. I hope so. My Watty angels had encouraged me a lot. I feel soooooo grateful because Im new around WP and they had welcomed me so well!!!

20. Any extra tips for our young writers?

A. Never give up. Read and read good classics books. Learn to read in more than one language. Write to please themselves and not the mass. And always, no matter what, stay humble and kind as a writer. And have fun with letters!!!!


I hope you guys enjoyed this interview !

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