The Principal's Office boyxboy oneshot

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Story is based on 2 real life people. However this is my version of their meeting, though it did happen something like this

Also this is my first time writing a boyxboy so don't be too hard on me and hopefully it turns out ok.   And dont forget to vote and comment :)

When i stepped into the waiting room I was blown away.  I had never seen a more perfectly gorgeous person as the guy sitting in front of me.  His deep brown hair was shaggy, covering part of his eyes, and a jaw chiseled by the gods.   His skin flawless, golden, and oh so smooth making me yearn to run my hands over him.   My breathing increased while I blatantly checked him out from his shaggy head to his slim waist down his khaki shorts then down to his long legs.  When my eyes finally returned to his face it became obvious he was doing the same.  I stood in front of him for a moment longer with a cocky look on my face letting his chocolate eyes take it all in.  My dick stirred and I mentally slapped myself and thought of gross things to settle myself before it became noticeable. 

When his eyes returned to my face I smirked and walked over to the beige couch  he was lounging on.  I sat for a moment looking around at the ugly decor.  Everything was beige!  The couch, the carpet, the walls, even the couple of prints hanging on the ugly walls were shades of beige.  Nice way to dress the place up, i thought to myself. 

I drug myself out of my thoughts ready to break the silence.  "What are you in for?" I asked staring into his beautiful face.  Damn i wanted to kiss him!  His lips were incredibly edible looking.  "I got caught getting head."  I said with a flirtatious twist of my lips and a coy voice.

His voice made my body break out in goosebumps when he asked.  "Did you really?"  I nodded my head not being able to speak.  I had never been turned on so much just from a voice.  "By who?"

After taking a hasty breath to calm both my racing heart and stirring cock i was able to get some quick words out, "the principle."

The next words out of his mouth were the best I had ever heard.  "Why don't i fix that for you," The chocolate Adonis said as he twisted his body towards me and proceeded to climb onto my lap straddling me.

His hand came up to my face then continued into my hair pulling my head back as his mouth came down on mine and holy shit was I accurate with my thoughts of his lips.  They were soft and smooth  when they came against mine, then his tongue shot out to caress against my lower lip and damn didn't he taste fucking good. 

Unknowns P.O.V.

Damn this boy is one hot twink!  I thought to myself as I threaded my fingers through his blond hair and pushed my lips against his.    His slim, toned body felt great under mine and i couldn't help the instant erection that sprang up in my suddenly too tight pants as I started grinding against him.  He looked down between us at my bulge and smiled before surrendering his lips back to me.  

I traded his lips for his ear, sucking it gently before releasing it and making my way down to his collar where I bit him then swirled my tongue to cool the sting.  My hands had been busy running up his side making him quiver and moan  beneath me.

I started to unbutton his white school uniform shirt but only made it through a few before he tore it off himself,  threw it aside, then grabbed my tie and pulled me back to him hard.  His rough pull turned me on even more so i quickly pulled my tie, shirt, shorts, briefs, and socks off.   I couldn't wait to get his pants off and feel him against my skin.

He pulled his clothes off quickly following mine except for his socks.  I gave a quick mental sigh at that but didn't have time to care too much before I lowered my mouth to his hardened nipple then licked my way down to his engorged cock.  I spun my tongue around his tip a few times bringing it across his slit, loving the sound of his gasp, then pulled back to wet my lips before running my tongue the length of his shaft a few times before taking his entire cock down into my throat.  His moans of pleasure spurred my drive on so I worked my mouth faster up and down, occasionally bringing my tongue out to tickle his balls,  all the while rubbing my hand down from his thighs to his feet and back again.

He started thrusting softly into my my mouth not able to control his body's movements any longer.  I knew he was getting close so I went faster.  I was slamming my mouth down on him wanting to taste him when I was suddenly pushed backwards onto my ass.  The incredibly fucking hot blond crawled his way over to me and laid down on his stomach with his head hovering over my throbbing cock.  His hazel eyes met mine and twinkled, before he lowered his mouth.  He didn't play around instead choosing to take all of me into his mouth and down his throat.  I threw my head back over the arm of the couch and  gasped at the pleasure he was giving as his head bobbed up and down then twirling the tip before heading back down for more while needing and pulling gently on my balls. 

Damn this boy had a mouth on him that he knew how to use.

I could feel my balls getting tight so I grabbed his hair and pushed him down harder as I thrust up into his sweet mouth.  His eyes bore into mine as I shot my load down his throat moaning and screaming in ecstasy.


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There is still another part but i wanted to get this out there tonight.  ill work more on it tomorrow :)

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