Never Ending Nightmares

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Never Ending Nightmares

You have nowhere to run to, second fragment, so why do you keep running?

Once again, those all too familiar flesh-like scarves were tightly attached to Death the Kid's feet but that didn't stop him from attempting to swim up out of this dark water. He had to get out no matter what. Death the Kid didn't want to know what would happen if he would just allow those scarves to drag him down. Whatever it was, his conscience was telling him that it wouldn't be good at all.

Foolish fragment, you are only making it harder on yourself, don't you want to free of this pain?

No, leave me alone! I don't know who you are but I don't want you here! Kid shook his head violently in attempt to get this voice out of his head but that was impossible. The voice was everywhere. In his own mind and he couldn't escape. Stop it, stop it, stop it!

Suddenly all Kid could hear was insane cackling as the scarves tightened their hold and pulled even harder. He shook his legs frantically in attempt to shake them off, which once more did nothing but making it worse.

Nothing can save you from the madness, once it's got a hold on you, it will never let you go.

I don't know what you are talking about! I'll never let the madness take me! The young Shinigami was screaming at the top of his longs at this moment and before he could be fully dragged down, his eyes open and he finds himself once more sitting up in his bed. Sweat was running down his face and his breathing was heavy.

At this rate Death the Kid felt like he wasn't ever going to get any sleep. It had now been weeks since this started happening and ever since then he hasn't gotten a single good night's sleep. In fact, every time he closed his eyes he would see him. That man that was haunting his dreams, or in this case nightmares. It had gotten to the point that Kid was terrified to even fall asleep because every time he felt like he was slowly getting pulled down deeper and deeper.

He got out of bed and sighed as he headed towards the bathroom to properly groom himself. Once he looked at his reflection he could once again see those five black lines. It's almost as if they were there every time he looked. So, the young Shinigami tried to look away from his mouth and focused on his hair. Speaking of that, his hair was absolute mess, even more than the usual asymmetry. He quickly fixed that and started to leave, only looking over his shoulder once to get a second glance at himself.

"Oh, hey look, Kid is finally out of his room," Patty said excitedly and clapped her hands, "I was afraid that we were going to have to go up there and drag you out of bed!"

Liz did not share her sister's excitement. She could easily see that Kid had another rough night, the blackness around his lower eyelids were proof. Also, she could have sworn she had heard him screaming again in his sleep. It had been weeks now and he didn't look any better, in fact, he looked worse but she decided not to comment. Not like he would tell her anything anyway.

"Yeah, it's about damn time you got out of bed, are you aware of what time it is?" Liz snapped at Kid, who seemed surprised by her reaction, "We're already late for school, you know! This is the second time this week."

Death the Kid blinked and looked at the time, it was 8:30. He internally cursed to himself at the asymmetry before groaning. Dammit, this was becoming a bad habit, wasn't it?

"I'm sorry I took so long but no need to worry, I'm already and we can get going," He beamed (acting) and smiled brightly at his weapons, whom for the most part seemed content, "We shouldn't keep anyone waiting any longer than they should have to. I bet they're missing me!"

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