Chapter 30

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After getting the early night Connie had spoken of she was awake with the room still encased in darkness. Easing herself out of the bed she moved across the room leaving Greg asleep. Running a hand through her tousled hair she stepped into the living room of the cabin.

It was situated on the edge of a large wooded area, nothing but other cabins dotted around. It was never busy here, in fact it was very rare that Connie saw anyone else while here. She looked out of the kitchen window as she ran herself a glass of water. The sky was still dark outside as the water rippled across the lake with the breeze.

Turning around she traipsed across to the bedroom where she leant against the doorframe. Watching Greg she thought about everything she had been doing the last few months. Sighing she rubbed her hands over her face before letting them fall to her sides again. He meant a lot to her, more than she had wished after everything that had happened and now here she was doing what he had done to her only months ago.

Connie walked to the door at the other side of the room leaning back against the wall as she looked out over the lake. Her hair fell over her shoulder as she lowered her head glancing to the ground. Closing her eyes she clenched her jaw swallowing before looking back to the bed again.

The minutes passed slowly and Connie found herself lost in her own world, oblivious of anything else happening. Greg awoke to the empty bed before noticing her by the door. "Connie?" She didn't move or show any sign that she had heard him. Frowning briefly he saw the time knowing that it would be sunrise soon enough.

Rolling over he stood up as Connie finally looked to where he was standing, now beside her. He placed a hand to her arm gently, caressing it as she smiled warmly at him. "Hey you, I thought the whole point of sleeping early was so we watched this together." She nodded pushing her hair back behind her ear as he placed his hand beneath her chin. "You looked half a century away Con, you'd have missed it yourself if I didn't wake."

She smirked as he dropped his hand still looking to her. "Come outside?" "It's cold-" "I know." He took her hand anyway as she opened the door leading onto the porch. "One second..." Greg disappeared inside again leaving Connie to stand on the porch confused as to where he had gone. Moments later he reappeared with the covers from the bed causing her to smile.

Greg sat down on the top of the steps that led down towards the lake. "Come here..." Connie stepped down beside him before standing between his legs as he pulled her into his chest. She leant back resting her head against him as he pulled the covers over them both. Greg leant against the railings running beside him as they sat quietly wrapped with one another.

The sun slowly rose that morning, the colours gradually spreading across the sky. The darkness that had surrounded them earlier that day gradually being replaced with the light of a new day. Connie stared up at the sky, one of her hands laced through Greg's as they rest against her stomach.

Greg pressed his lips to the back of her head, the sweet smell of her shampoo filling his senses. The slight rise and fall of her chest the only evidence that she was breathing still. Although it was quiet, it was far from awkward as they sat together. "I wish we could do this more often." Greg glanced down at her, her eyes still on the scenery before them. "Then lets make sure we do..."

Connie sat forwards gently, shuffling to lean against the side so she could see him. "The sights of Holby are far from anything to look at." He laughed gently running a hand across her face as she smiled. "Maybe not, but my view will still be the same..." Connie dropped her eyes as he smiled at her embarrassment.

A minute passed before Connie jumped up causing Greg to look up at her. "Come on." "What?" "Come for a run with me." He watched her with a smirk threatening to come to his features. "A run?" "Yes, the physical activity of walking but faster." Rolling his eyes he stood up carrying the bed covers inside. "You bought me to cabin in the woods, for a break, and you want to run?" "What? Worried you won't be able to keep up?"

After getting changed they were soon leaving the vicinity of the cabin. "Stick to the paths and you should be fine. Oh and watch out for bears, see you at the other side." "Wha- bears? Connie!?" She was already gone, running ahead of him as he shook his head breaking into a run behind her.

Greg found himself fighting to catch up to her before keeping pace with her. Connie could sense him beside her but kept her eyes ahead as they continued running. They made their way down into the woods, following the path as Connie had said. It was a beautiful place, he'd give her that one. The woodland was one of the only places he had ever been that seemed entirely untouched by the city.

He noticed the cabin up ahead realising they'd made it the whole way around the lake. Connie was beginning to get ahead of him again as she quickened her pace. He was amazed how fit she was and at how she maintained her fast pace for the entire run. As she began to slow she spun around to face him with a smirk. "Someone tired?" Shaking his head he ran straight at her wrapping his arms around her waist as she laughed.

Stopping slowly he held her in his arms, his chest rising and falling drastically as he caught his breath back. Connie held onto his forearms as she watched him pushing her tongue into her cheek. "Shower?" Greg arched a brow with a wide grin as he picked her up from the floor. Wrapping her legs around his waist she pushed her lips onto his before breaking away as he walked towards the cabin and up the steps.

Placing her back down, she pulled him into her as their lips crashed together again stumbling backwards into the cabin. Breaking from her he smiled seeing the glimmer in her eye. "God I love you-" "I love you too." Dropping her hand she took his pulling him inside as they moved through to the bathroom together, their lips on one another's again almost instantly.

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