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when the world falls into pieces

you'll be the one voice of reason

when i can't face all my deamons

you are the one i believe in.

the following day, dan returned. his sketch pad ready in his left hand. it was humid out, especially for a day in october. his hair was frizzy which he thought was absolutely disgusting, but he let it be just for today. his hair was no match for the london weather, he'd decided.

curiosity struck him as he glanced over to the tree the black haired boy had been sitting the previous day, to find him there again. headphones in his ears, eyes closed and singing softly. today, he looked sad.
the bench was slightly colder this time when dan sat down, but he didn't mind.
today the raven haired boy beneath the tree looked more upset than the last time dan had seen him, and a part of him wanted to introduce himself, but he must want to be alone, as did dan when he came to the park.

as dan began to sketch the minuscule details of his lips, squinting as he looked up, his stomach dropped. he caught the other boys glance by a second, pools of blue capturing his attention. he smiled fondly, but his face dropped when he was ignored.

when dan had finished his eyes, he decided to call it a day and wonder off, away from the park and trapped in his own thoughts.

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