Ch.3- Maddy and Dom

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Chapter 3

                Even though he was on the ground, Dom managed to keep his eyes on the three thugs surrounding him. He had been taking the back allies to avoid this type of attention. Clearly, it failed. Henesey’s men had jumped him, intending to get revenge for when Dom had stolen from them. A man had to eat, and the buyer was paying high. There was still money left over after he had paid his due to Wester, his thief lord.

                “So who was it?” Rat face asked. He was the one that gripped the knife. The others felt bold enough to use their fists- though theirs weren’t out of reach.

                “You know I can’t tell ya that.” Dom grinned. “Client confidentiality.” His side was on fire, and he may be down, but he still retained his defiance.

                “Tell us or we’ll carve you up like last night’s dinner.” Tight Fist growled.

                Dom  was still unrelentingly cheerful. “For all I know it could be on the black market. Or in a foreigner’s vault.” Dom appeared thoughtful for a moment. “Or maybe it’s up your ass.”

                The one with the knife swore, coming closer. “You prick!”

                Suddenly Dom’s attention was diverted by a flicker of gold in the corner of the alley. It was the girl! His eyes jerked towards the surrounding attackers, but not before he recognized the small knife in her hand- his knife. The little twit! What did she think she was doing??

                Dom’s eyes snapped to the one in front of him. “Be careful with that kid, or you might get hurt.” He had to distract them so the girl wouldn’t do anything stupid to get herself hurt. He tried to devise a plan.


                Maddy felt her heart beating rapidly, reverbeting throughout her body. What could she do? If she called the city enforcers the perpetrators would already be gone. Why would He put her in such a situation? To test her fortitude?

                It was then that Maddy remembered the blade she had pulled off of the man while he was unconscious. She had put it into her pocket so Gordon wouldn’t see it. If anyone had she would not have been allowed to fare for him. For who would let the duchess’s daughter near a man in the possession of a knife?

                 Maddy crouched in the shadows of the alley, awaiting an opening. She tightened her grip on the blade, her hands suddenly sweaty.

                There were four men surrounding him, dressed in worn clothes, but not rags. Maddy wasn’t sure what she could do against four grown men, but she saw that only one had a knife. That is what counted. They were all absorbed in their victim, occasionally kicking him.

                “-give it back!” The knife wielder exclaimed. Her patient responded with words Maddy didn’t desire to ever repeat. They continued arguing, Maddy only hearing snippets.


                “dirty swine-“

                “he’ll have your head!-“

                Maddy jumped to the knife wielder, blade flashing. There was no signal, other than their extreme inattentiveness. Awkwardly she touched the tip of the knife to his back, near his kidneys. The thug jumped at the touch of metal, stiffening.

                “Leave him alone,” Maddy commanded, but it sounded more like a request.

                At the sound of her voice the thug turned his head, letting out the biggest laugh Maddy had ever heard.

                “This is your savior?? A scrap of a girl with a knife?” He turned around, unintimidated in the least. Maddy’s throat constricted in panic.

                “Now lettme just take this here knife before ya poke yerself girly.”

                Maddy backed up as he advanced. This wasn’t at all how she had planned this! “I don’t want any trouble- just let him go!”

                 “Now dearie, we can’t do that just now. But maybe you’ll get him back in a bit, just a little ruffed up.” He grinned. Before Maddy could react his hand flashed, gripping the wrist with the knife. He yanked her towards him, Maddy gasping and struggling to get away.

                “Why don’t you just stay awhile darling- join in the fun a little?” he whispered in her ear. Her heart swelled in panic. No man had ever talked to her in this manner before, let alone touched her so callously. His arm tightened around her, preempting her to scream, struggling harder to get away. The man started laughing at her futile attempts.

                The man grunted and she was suddenly released.

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