Chapter 29

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Connie woke the following day to a loud knocking coming from downstairs. It took a moment for her to realise what it was before she darted upright and grabbed her dressing gown from the side. Moving downstairs she walked to the front door, tying her dressing gown as she went.

Pulling open the door she crossed an arm over her front as the cold morning air hit her. "Greg?" "Morning sleeping Beauty." She smirked sarcastically as he stepped closer towards her. "I didn't think I was seeing you until tomorrow?" "Well, I decided that I'd like some extra time with my normally very busy girlfriend."

Connie smiled tilting her head backwards as he came inside wrapping his arms around her waist. "Very busy... Care to explain why you're waking me up so early on my day off then?" "Thought we could leave a day early, spend another night there." Standing up with her hands pressed to his chest her expression changed. "Really? I thought you had family things today-" "Tell me you are packed to go."

Rolling her eyes she nodded shutting the door behind him. "Of course I am, I just didn't expect you to turn up like this." He smiled catching her hand as she was about to walk away. "One more thing-" "What?" "This." She felt him pull her back to his chest as his lips came down onto hers. Inhaling she relaxed into his hold letting her hands slide up over his shoulders.

Deepening the kiss she held onto him as his hands dropped over her waist. Pushing inside the dressing gown, it hung open as his hands caressed her waist before the kiss became more passionate. Connie pulled him backwards stepping along the hallway as she pushed his jacket from his shoulders letting it fall to the floor. Greg gripped onto her waist before lifting her up, her legs instantly wrapping around him as he carried her upstairs.

Later that morning Connie walked out into the kitchen picking up her keys from the side. "You're sure you're okay driving?" "I said I was didn't I?" Connie rolled her eyes as Greg walked past with her bag moving out the front door. Her phone vibrated from the side causing her to reach for it quickly. She sighed seeing it was just a reminder of a meeting for next week and pushed her phone into her pocket.

It was a force of habit expecting it to be someone else now, something she had grown quite fond of. Running a hand back through her hair she bit her lip as her mind wandered. Greg had come back inside but stood quietly watching Connie as she was lost in thought. After a few moments he spoke up causing her eyes to lift to him. "Everything alright? You seemed miles away then-" "Yeah, I- I was just thinking about something from the other day. It's fine."

He watched her with a suspicious eye before she moved from where she was standing to pass him. "You coming or am I spending a weekend alone?" He turned around and followed her out of the door with a small smirk as he locked her home up quickly getting into his car. "I can't believe I'm letting you drive-" "My driving is not that bad-" "It's not that great either."

Greg rolled his eyes as she fell quiet becoming comfortable in the passenger seat. Watching out of the window as everything passed them by, the outskirts of Holby soon disappearing into the distance. Greg dropped a hand to her thigh snapping her attention back inside the car. "You sure nothing's wrong?"

Letting her hand fall to his she caressed the back of it before letting her fingers weave through his. "I promise it's nothing. I'm okay..." He nodded with a small smile as she forced one in return. The last few days at work had been stressful and she was glad to be having a few days away from it all. Maybe she could finally relax and clear her head properly without something else cropping up out of nowhere.

As the hours ticked by, they continued driving in a comfortable silence with the odd conversations filling the air. The radio played quietly as they drove, Connie gradually finding her mind lifting as they got closer to their destination. A small smile played at her lips as she thought glancing out of the window. "I hope you're thinking of me smiling like that." Raising a brow she looked to him with an amused expression. "And if I wasn't?"

Greg laughed as he turned down a narrow road causing Connie to release a quiet breath. It had been sometime she'd last spent any real time out here and she was thankful for the tranquillity it provided. Greg was the first person she had ever bought out here and it was an odd feeling to have company while being here.

"So, is this where you become a girl scout and show me around like you've spent all your life studying these woods?" Connie swiftly hit his chest causing him to laugh as they came to a stop. "Don't annoy me because you will end up in that lake Greg." "Aye, aye captain." Connie glared at him across the car before getting herself out and opening the boot.

Greg got out and wandered to the back placing his hand on the boot stopping it from opening. "You just open the door and I'll take the things inside." She folded her arms against her chest as he wrapped an arm around her waist pulling her closer. "Don't give me that face, just do it Beauchamp." She slowly smirked as he bent down to place a kiss to her lips.

It was early afternoon by the time they'd taken everything inside and settled down. They had made something to eat for lunch with the food Connie had stopped to buy on their way before sitting on the sofa together.

Connie lay down with her head resting on Greg's lap as he ran his fingers through her hair. "I thought maybe that we could get an early night so that we can be up early?" "You want to watch the sunrise..." He looked down at her with a smile as he continued running his fingers through her hair. There was something about the way she looked here, carefree with no worries. "I think that sounds perfect."

She reached up taking hold of his hand as she remained laid across his lap. It was odd feeling so relaxed knowing there would be no distractions or work for a few days, but it was also something she could get used to.

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