The Werewolf in the Basement

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The Werewolf in the Basement

Chapter 1

I was nearly finished another day of working and getting beaten by my adoptive family. They adopted me when I was three and have been beating and finding new ways to hurt me ever since. The family consists of a mom, dad and a son, they all beat the crap out of me at least once a day.

I was putting up the last of the dishes when my 'father' came into the kitchen. He slapped me then went and put the leftovers in a bowl.

"I'm giving you a new job, bitch!!" He handed me the bowl and went towards the door that leads to the basement, dragging me by the hair. He opened the door and threw me in.

Walking down he took out a flash light and handed it to me. He grabbed my arm and pulled me deeper into the basement. I've never been down here before because the door was always locked.

As we got closer, something caught my eye.

A boy was there attatched by four chains leading from his wrists and ankles to the wall. My 'father' kept walking until he was in front of the boy.

"Put the bowl on the ground you stupid girl!! This is a monster. You are in charge of feeding it. I should probably tell you how he came to be here. It was left on the doorstep when it was a baby, then we found out what it could do and locked it down here. It can't talk and doesn't understand words, just this." He said punching the guy in the face.

"Now change you stupid animal!!" He said angrily. I watched as the boy transformed into an oversized wolf. I'm surprised that the shackles are still on him, but then I see that his wrists and ankles are just a little bigger than what they were.

Before I could get my head around it, I'm thrown towards the giant wolf.

Oh!! I'm going to die! I tried to get up but being sent crashing into the wolf causes it to double over on top of me.

It gets up quickly, backing away from me. Wait. It's afraid of me, that doesn't make much sense. I mean it's a big monster.

He's still leaning away from me. I stand up, feeling a weak from my day of work and hear the door being locked. I guess I'm sleeping here tonight.

As I walk to where the food bowl might be my foot hits something on the ground. The flash light, I thought as I bent down and picked it up. I turned it on and pointed it so I could find the food bowl.

I pushed the food closer to the boy that is now a wolf. He was sniffing at it and then he turned to look at me. Then his gaze became amazed as he looked at the flash light.

"Here you must be hungry." I say pushing the food closer.

He starts eating hungrily and licking the bowl. I go over to him as he licks it and as I get closer I put out my hand to rub his fur.

He must caught the movement of my hand because he started, frightened.

I keep getting closer and he whines softly.

"It's ok, I'm not going to hurt you." I say hoping he's ok.

He looks at me with sad and lonely eyes. My hand reaches his back and I stroke him gently. He arches his back into my hand and his eyes close. I go closer, murmering assurances in his ear as I get closer.

He relaxes and I sit down a little bit away from him, turn off the light and let sleep take over me.





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