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Percy/Omega P.O.V

I should introduce myself. My name is Omega. I was once known as Percy Jackson but that all changed one day 300 Chaos years ago (3 Earth years). Let me tell you how.

*Flashback*( A/N Flashbacks are in italics and when they speak in another language, it is italics and underlined just for future reference)

I had just returned from a quest Athena gave me. I wanted to propose to Annabeth but I had to get Athena's blessing first. It was not easy, (mostly because she hates me). So after a long month of training to defeat Ladon and to get the golden apples from the tree in the Garden of the Hesperides, I only had to beg for another week or two to get her to finally say yes. You'd think saving the world twice would be enough but still she is Athena, rival of Poseidon. The ring was a favour from Hephaestus. It was a silver band that had one big stormy grey diamond in the middle and two sea green diamonds on either side of the grey one. There was an inscription on the ring that said ' As long as we're together' . It was what Annabeth said to me before we fell into Tartarus. I was walking through camp, too happy to notice the glares from every one I walked past. I went up to  Cabin 6 or the Athena Cabin and knocked on the door expecting Annabeth to open it. Surprisingly, it was her half-brother, Malcom, who opened it instead. " Where is Annabeth?" I asked. " Ummmm.......," he took a deep breath, "She's at the beach. Just be careful of  what you see," he said. ' Ok?' I thought. Malcolm then sent me a pitiful glance and closed the door. Seriously, what's going? I arrived at the beach faster than I thought I would, then again I was excited to see my Wise Girl. I was getting closer to 'our spot' on the beach when I saw a couple. I recognised the boy as an Ares kid but as I kept on getting closer to them, I felt as though my heart was breaking piece by piece. I think it really did. The girl that was making out furiously with the Ares kid was none other than my Annabeth. I would recognise those princess curls anywhere. What upset me the most was that she was actually looking me in the eye while she was kissing him with more passion than the second before. Something wet started rolling down my cheeks and I soon realised that I was crying. I threw the ring on the ground and mumbled, " I guess Athena and Poseidon don't go well together after all." I started running back to my cabin and locked the door behind me as soon as I arrived. I broke down into sobs  soon after  that.

----------------------------------------------------Line Break------------------------------------------------------

Its's been one month since the incident and the whole camp, except Nico and Thalia who are never here, have turned against me. I woke up thinking that I wanted to die as the memories kept on flashing in my mind. Memories of Ann- Her. One night, I got the pleasure of being chained up to tree and tortured, ( they engraved what they thought of me onto my skin), but luckily some Naiads saw me and managed to get me into the lake before I does of blood-loss. I decided that I needed to leave. I wrote a not saying:

Dear Campers,

I'm sorry that I was such a failure. I'm sorry for all the deaths I caused. I now give Nico, Son of Hades, ownership of Riptide. Thank you for showing me what a monster I am. Even though the feelings aren't returned, I will miss all of you and the good memories I had here.

With no regrets at all,

Percy Jackson

I left the note in my cabin and took my backpack and started walking towards Thalia's Tree. Glares were sent my way and Annabeth was making out with that Ares kid again. Seriously!? That's all I ever see her do. I then heard something that broke my heart even more, if it was possible, " You are the worst student I have ever had. I hereby banish you from Camp Half-Blood. Get out. NOW!!!!!" Guess who said that? If you guessed Chiron then you are right. With more tears in my eyes, I ran across the border and never looked back at the place I once called home.

------------------------------------------------Line break----------------------------------------------------------

It's now been 3 months and I'm laying on my back, too tired to continue. I've been attacked by monsters as soon as I started travelling. With one more look at the stars, I closed my eyes, hoping never to open them again. Sadly the fates had something else in store for me

3 years later ( 300 chaos years later)

I am now
  Prince Omega of the Universe, Son of Chaos.

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