"Okay. I love you."

"I love you too honey," He said, grabbing his coffee again. I walked out the door, plugging in my headphones. I always walked to school since I was only a walking distance away.

I finally got to school, smiling as I saw my best friend in the whole wide world running towards me. "Ana!" She squealed, crushing me in a hug.

I laughed lightly as I hugged her back. "Hey Lianne." She pulled away and quickly linked her arm with mine as walked into school together. "So. Sean Walker's party is tonight. Do you wanna come?" She casually said as she walked me to my locker.

I narrowed my eyes at her. "Lianne, no. I'm not a party person. Besides, I bought a Nicolas Sparks book and that's what I plan on doing tonight."

Lianne groaned. "C'mon Ana! Just this one party! Go to this party with me and I'll never ask you to go to another party with me ever again."

I sighed as I took out my Physics textbook from my locker. I closed my locker and looked at Lianne, who stared at me with a puppy dog face. I let out a small laugh as I shook my head.

I love that she amused me. "Fine," I gave in, which caused her to smile wide. "Just this party. If I start to feel uncomfortable in any way, we're leaving," I sternly told her.

"Yes! You're coming to my house after school! I have an outfit you can wear!"

"Lianne, I have clothes of my own." I argued, crossing my arms over my chest, which caused her to roll her eyes. "Yeah I know. They're just not party material. No offence."

"We'll talk about this later, okay?" She told me before she grabbed my hand and dragged me to class.

What have I gotten myself into?


"Lianne! I am not wearing this!" I exclaimed, which caused her to throw her head back in frustration. "Ana you're gonna look hot! You have to wear this!"

She had out a pair of black high waisted shorts and a white crop top with black combat boots for me to wear. She threw the clothes at me and pushed me gently into the bathroom.

"Change!" She ordered, as she closed the bathroom door. I placed the clothes on the counter before I removed my clothes and took a quick shower.

Once I was done showering, I exited the shower, drying myself before putting on my undergarments. I quickly put on the outfit that Lianne forced me to wear. I felt so uncomfortable in this clothing. Why couldn't I just wear jeans and a t-shirt?

I put on the combat boots and grabbed my clothes, walking out of the bathroom right after. Lianne looked at me and beamed. "You look amazing! Hotter than me!" I blushed at her words. 

I quickly put my clothes in my bag before Lianne ushered me over to a chair. "Sit!" I did as she said and sat down in the chair.

"Time for hair and makeup!" She said, excitedly. She grabbed her curling wand and began to curl my hair. Once she finished my hair, she opened her makeup bag and applied a very light amount of foundation, mascara, and eyeliner on me.

She gave me her red lipstick and I applied a small amount onto my lips. "All done. Take a look at yourself while I get changed." I nodded as I stood up from the chair and walked over to her mirror.

I smiled as I looked at myself in the mirror. I've never seen this side of me before. I looked so different. A good different, though.

This doesn't mean I'm going to start dressing like this. I mean, I look great, but I like my clothes better. I felt more comfortable in my own clothing.

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